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Synopsis for "Touch Not the Hand Of Seth!"

Following the defeat of Blacksun, the Human Torch uses his powers to neutralize the reaction happening in Blacksun's body. Torch, Thing, and Janice Lightner race off in a Fantsti-Car to a nearby hospital.

The hospital they are heading towards just happens to be where Donald Blake is currently performing a surgery. This surgery is interrupted by the arrival of Seth, who has come to challenge Thor once more. As everyone in the hospital flees, Blake transforms into Thor to battle Seth.

This is at the exact moment that Thing, Torch, and Lightner arrive with Blacksun. Hearing the battle, the Thing goes to check it out and gets caught up in the battle; just as Seth summons an army of the dead.


Continuity Notes

  • At the time of this story, Thor could switch to the mortal guise of Donald Blake. This transformation was imposed on Thor by his father Odin to teach him humility as first seen in Thor #159. Thor Vol 3 #1 clarifies that Blake is a mystical construct of Odin that lives a symbiotic life with Thor. At the time Thor kept his double identities a secret.
  • Seth mentions his last battle with Thor which took place between Thor #240-241.
  • Seth is seeking revenge against Thor for severing his hand. That happened in Thor #241.

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