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Synopsis for "Death On the Bridge To Heaven!"

Having been transported to the path which leads to the realm of Heliopolis, home of the Egyptian gods. Thing and Thor battle the forces of Seth as Seth plots to unleash the Devourer upon Horus in a bid to take over the realm.

After a lengthy battle, Horus is freed, but the Devourer still seeks to destroy him. After a lengthy battle against the indestructible beast, Thing gets an idea. Grabbing Horus and jumping off the life bridge, the monster follows behind them. While the monster plummets into the void, Thor tosses his hammer to retrieve Thing and Horus.

With the threat passed, Thing and Thor return to Earth where they are met by Johnny and Janice who have been looking everywhere for him. Later, back in his guise of Donald Blake, Thor begins his medical treatment of Blacksun.


Continuity Notes

  • The events leading up to this story began when the Thing and Human Torch battled Blacksun in Marvel Two-In-One #21, they brought him to Donald Blake for medical treatment, which led to Ben and Thor's capture last issue.
  • Seth is seeking revenge against Thor following their last battle in Thor #240241.
  • At the time of this story, Thor could switch to the mortal guise of Donald Blake. This transformation was imposed on Thor by his father Odin to teach him humility as first seen in Thor #159. Thor (Vol. 3) #1 clarifies that Blake is a mystical construct of Odin that lives a symbiotic life with Thor. At the time Thor kept his double identities a secret.

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