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Synopsis for "Does Anyone Remember... the Hijacker!?"

Helping out with testing for a new environmental protection suit for Bill Foster and Tony Stark, Thing can do nothing but complain, despite the fact that his body can withstand the conditions in the environmental room that they have placed him in.

The mood changes when the lab is attacked by the Hijacker, who has come to rob the lab, eliminating most of the staff with knockout gas. However, before passing out, Bill Foster manages to free the Thing, and eventually revives enough to change into Black Goliath.

Although the Hijacker is just a normal human, he manages to keep the two heroes on their toes by using various devices, including his high tech crime-tank. However, the two heroes manage to get the best of the Hijacker and easily defeat him. When unmasked and about to reveal his identity, the Thing indignantly throws the Hijacker for a loop.


Continuity Notes

  • Tony Stark states that "Iron Man is tied up in business" in New York City. At the time of this story, Tony Stark's double identity of Iron Man was a secret. Stark did not reveal his identity to the public until Iron Man (Vol. 3) #55. This story happens after the events of Avengers #155156 just after Iron Man and the Avengers battled Doctor Doom.
  • Bill Foster mentions how he used to work for Hank Pym when he was trapped at a height of ten feet. Pym got trapped at 10 feet in height during the Avenger's battle with the Beetle in Avengers #28. Bill Foster was tapped by Tony Stark to help Pym cure himself in Avengers #32. They eventually effected a cure in Avengers #35. Years later, Foster began using Pym's growth formula to become Black Goliath in Black Goliath #1.

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