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Synopsis for "A Tale of Two Countries!"

The Thing and Iron Fist are captured by the nation of Kaiwann. They soon find that Queen Sen is being ousted by General Chonga and, after an attempt to try and recruit heroes from the United States to try and train the people to fight the coming invasion, they kidnapped the Thing and Iron Fist out of desperation.

After a battle across the land of Kaiwann and facing off against it's best warriors, the truth is told to them by Prince Dragon. Thing and Iron Fist help end the coupe, easily defeating Chonga and his army, after which Prince Dragon and Queen Sen are engaged to be married.


Continuity Notes

  • Ben mentions that the only politician he liked in the "last election" was Howard the Duck. This is a reference to Howard the Duck's failed presidential bid in Howard the Duck #8.

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  1. This issue was published in 1977 which falls under "Year 4" of Marvel Time. "Year Fourteen" covers publications from November 2014 and October 2018. 10 years of Marvel time has passed between this story and the present. So 2018 - 10 = 10 years.


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