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Synopsis for "In the Power of the Piranha!"

After a thorough examination of the Deathlok android, Reed Richards decides to have it shipped to his colleague Dr. Kort for further study. Ben agrees to take it to England where Kort is residing and he takes Alicia along with him, promising to take her to see the sights.

Meanwhile, in the Atlantic, Namor is being attacked by the Piranha, who has somehow survived his previous attack. However, it turns out that they are really mutated piranha's that ate the corpse of the original, and they have created their own society. Namor, however, manages to fight off the attacker. Spotting the Thing's aircraft, the Sub-Mariner asks Thing for his help fighting the Piranha. The Thing agrees and dives into the ocean, leaving Alicia behind. Alicia is shortly captured by one of the Piranhas.

This ends up putting a kink in Namor and Thing's plan for dealing with the Piranha's and they demand that the two fight to the death for Alicia's safety. However, the two pretend to fight each other and cause enough damage to the battlefield and cause enough distraction for Namor to rescue Alicia. The trio makes their escape as the Piranha's kingdom crumbles down around them. Afterwards, Namor thanks Thing for his help and Ben and Alicia continue their trip to England.


Continuity Notes

  • The narrative of this story mentions how the people of Atlantis are in stasis and that Namor is now an unwitting pawn of Doctor Doom. Around the time of this story, the people of Atlantis were put in an inert state after being exposed to nerve gas in Sub-Mariner #67. In Giant-Size Super-Villain Team-Up #1 Doctor Doom revealed that he had the means of restoring the people of Atlantis to normal in exchange for Namor's loyalty for a time. Doom ultimately follows through on his promise in Super-Villain Team-Up #13.
  • The Piranha mentions his last battle with Namor which took place in Sub-Mariner #7071.
  • Ben takes a breathing pill that allows him to breathe under water for a short period of time. This was invented by Reed Richards in Fantastic Four #27.
  • Ben also mentions when the Human Torch first revived the Sub-Mariner back in Fantastic Four #4.

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