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Synopsis for "Inside Black Spectre!"

Mister Fantastic runs a number of physiological test on Wundarr, determining that there is a limit to the amount of energy he can store. This is dramatically proven by an explosion. Nearby, Daredevil witnesses the explosion and learns it's source. Later he stops by and visits Foggy Nelson and Shanna O'Hara, who tells Daredevil about the Black Spectre's involvement in her father's death.

Daredevil -- as Matt Murdock -- attends a play with Candace Nelson, during which two of the actors die, victims of Black Spectre. Daredevil is stopped from following the culprit by a surprise attack from the Black Widow. Daredevil requires the use of the Fantasti-Car to go after Black Spectre’s Airship, and the Thing comes along.

Catching up to the Black Spectre's zeppelin, the Thing and Daredevil break in and attack. Inside they face Nekra, his army of enthralled females, and the Black Spectre himself. When Thing rips off the Spectre's mask, he suddenly loses all control over his body and Daredevil is defeated as well. They are then loaded back up in the Fantasti-Car and dumped off the zeppelin.

Regaining control of themselves, the two heroes prevent themselves from crashing and Daredevil vows to stop his enemies.

This story is continued in Daredevil #110...


Continuity Notes

  • The events in this story take place during Daredevil's ongoing battle with Nekra and the Mandrill that occurred from Daredevil #109112. This story taking place between Daredevil #109 and 110.

Publication Notes

  • The Gil Kane cover image of Daredevil was used for marketing purposes and served as the template for Daredevil's 1975 slurpee from 7-11 and other companies.
  • This issue contains the series its first letters page, The Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Letters Page!. Letters are published from Lee Henry, Jeffrey Tucker, Kevin Meek, Laurence J. Kraus, and Matt Meyer.

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