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Synopsis for "And Only the Invisible Girl Can Save Us Now!"

As Ben and Spider-Woman continue to battle the spider-mutated Alicia Masters, the two criminals searching for the long lost stolen treasure of World War II. They find the treasure they sought, however, when they open the treasure chest, they find themselves sucked into it by mystical forces.

As the battle between Ben, Spider-Woman, and Alicia rages on, Ben smashes the control module on her forehead. Losing their ability to control Alicia thanks to the destruction of this device, the Hydra agent in charge of this mission is ordered killed by the Supreme Hydra for his failure.

Alicia has the two heroes on the ropes until the Invisible Girl arrives. Using her invisible force fields, Sue manages to cut off Alicia's oxygen supply until she passes out. While Dr. Kort tries to restore Alicia back to normal, Thing wanders around London brooding. To make Ben feel worse, the people of London who originally treated him with celebrity when he first arrived are now treating him as a monster following the battle. Sue tracks down Ben and tells her that Alicia is calling out to him, and so they return to Kort's lab just as Alicia is being transformed back to normal.


Continuity Notes

  • One of the police officers makes mention of Britain's own super-hero Captain Britain. The narrative suggests to readers that they check out Marvel Team-Up #65 which features the first American publication to feature that character. However, at this point, Captain Britain had his own series which was being published in the UK at the time of this story.

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