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  • R-37 (supersonic aircraft, "Bird of Prey")

Synopsis for "Enter: Skull the Slayer and Exit: The Thing!"

On his way back from London, the Thing is asked to make an appearance at Cape Canaveral to test out a new experimental aircraft over the Bermuda Triangle. In doing so, Ben flies towards a strange energy vortex when suddenly a pterodactyl emerges from it and grabs his craft, pulling him into the vortex. Ben finds himself taken into a strange prehistoric world, the same world which James Scully and his friends have been trapped in for some time.

Scully and his friends Raymond Corey, Ann Reynolds, and Jeff Turner are all prisoner of the Jaguar Priest, Villac Umu. The Priest wants to execute them all when the pterodactyl arrives with Ben's ship. Breaking free of the craft, Ben battles the Jaguar Priest's men, free's Scully and the others, and with the help of the Thing, break down the Jaguar Priest's temple and scare off his people. Checking over Ben's ship to see if it's still able to fly, they are disappointed to find that it is damaged beyond repair.

All is not lost when Jeff suggests they try to salvage parts from the plane that brought Scully and his friends to this land and the group begins their trek to its location. Along the way, they have to escape a tyrannosaurus-rex and then end up in a swamp full of brontosaurus', ready for the attack.


Continuity Notes

  • The Thing mentions a missing Cobalt Bomb that turned up in Chicago around the time of this story. That is a reference to Power Man #45 when Gideon Mace threatened to blow up the city. He was stopped by Power Man.
  • While battling the dinosaurs in the past, it reminds Ben of the last time he fought prehistoric creatures, which happened in Fantastic Four #161.
  • Jeff recounts the events that got them trapped in this pre-historic world that was depicted in Skull, the Slayer #1.

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