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Synopsis for "A Stretch in Time..."

Ben, Skull the Slayer, Ann Reynolds, Jeff Turner, and Raymond Corey have to fight off and flee a pack of brontosaurus on their way to find their airplane. Locating the craft, they find it flight worthy, but with only enough fuel to get to where Ben's ruined jet is.

Flying it there, they cannibalize the plane to repair Ben's and they use the plane to escape through the vortex and back out of the Bermuda Triangle. However, the fugitives are spotted by the Jaguar Priest. He and his followers go after them riding on their pterodactyls.

When Ben and the others arrive back at Cape Canaveral, they find Mr. Fantastic waiting there for them, having come when Ben didn't return to his flight. When the Jaguar Priest and his followers arrive, Reed helps battle them, and when Ann is captured by the Jaguar Priest himself, it's Ben that comes to her rescue. However, in doing so, the Jaguar Priest is knocked from his pterodactyl and is sent plummeting to his death. After the battle, Ben parts company with Scully and his friends. Scully is planning on turning himself over to the police, and the others will be acting as character witnesses to prove that his killing of his brother was in self-defense. As they depart, they leave Reed and Ben to figure out what to do with the pterodactyls.


Continuity Notes

  • Raymond Corey calls Skully a murderer; this is because Jim was originally accused of murdering his brother. However, as depicted in Skull, the Slayer #1, Jim was forced to kill his brother in self-defense, a claim that nobody believed because Skully ran from the law and had to be extradited back to the United States, which is what led to Skully and his companions being trapped in the prehistoric past.
  • Reed mentions that his powers are getting weaker. His powers began to fade in Fantastic Four #157. This is the first time he admits to this weakness to Ben. Eventually, Reed completely loses his powers in Fantastic Four #178, but they are later restored to their peak in Fantastic Four #199.

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