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The Thing

Appearing in "Doomsday 3014!"

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Synopsis for "Doomsday 3014!"

The Thing takes Wundarr for a day out at the zoo. While unattended, Wundarr frees the animals; unaware of the danger they pose. A nearby Steve Rogers intervenes to help. Captain America and Sharon Carter go back with the Thing to the Baxter Building. While the heroes are relaxing, Tarin appears on the time-platform, which was inadvertently left on. She tells them of the Badoon invasion of her future world. Captain America, Sharon Carter, and the Thing decide to return with her to the 31st Century where they immediately come into conflict with the Zoms.

Able to hold off the Zom hordes, Thing, Captain America, Sharon, and Tarin are soon overpowered and knocked unconscious when the Monster of Badoon arrives and takes them by surprise. The defeated heroes are then carried off to be tried by the leader of the Badoon.


Continuity Notes

  • Mister Fantastic refers to the time machine as Dr. Doom's time platform. While the Fantastic Four confiscated Doom's time machine at the end of Fantastic Four #5, per Fantastic Four Annual #11, Reed had to give it back to avoid a diplomatic incident. However, this was not before Reed was able to duplicate the machine.

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