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Synopsis for "Conjure Night!"

To reward Eugene for his help in clearing Ben's name and capturing the Mad Thinker, Ben, Yellowjacket, and Matt Murdock treat the boy to some pizza and give him a ride to school aboard the Avengers Quinjet. Deciding to go along with Eugene to his classes, Ben soon learns that his teacher is the Black Panther in his American guise of school teacher Luke Charles.

Inviting Ben to his home, T'Challa asks Ben to help him investigate the disappearance of prominent people in the Black community who have disappeared after signs of a struggle. Tabulating a list of these people, Black Panther and Ben deduce that the next target is famous musician C.L. Wadsworth, who is scheduled to put on a performance at Carnegie Hall.

Staking out the performance, Ben and Black Panther are shocked when a Vampire Zuvembi attacks C.L. and tries to take him hostage. During the fight, C.L. lends a hand and after a struggle, C.L. stabs the creature through the heart, seemingly killing it. As all parties leave the seemingly dead Zuvembie, it's master revives it and sends it after the Black Panther.

Later, at the Black Panther's apartment, Ben tells him that he's tired and wants to sort out the details in the morning. As Ben leaves, the Vampire Zuvembie enters the Black Panther's room and knocks the hero out.


Continuity Notes

  • The Black Panther has been posing as Luke Charles and working as a school teacher since Avengers #77, Luke Charles is a guise that T'Challa assumes to do the job.

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