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  • Sedan
  • Skrull Starship

Synopsis for "The Andromeda Rub-Out!"

When Boss Baker returns to Earth to get revenge on the Thing, Captain Marvel is tipped off by his Cosmic Consciousness. While out on a date with Alicia, Ben is targeted in a drive-by by Baker. Ben tries to stop the vehicle but is shocked when the car, a 1920's Prohibition-era vehicle, flies off into the sky. Ben is knocked free and falls, but he's saved by Captain Marvel.

Together, they learn of Boss Baker's revenge plot, and learn that following the revolt on the planet Kral, he decapitated Ben's friend Torgo and then decided to go after Ben himself. However, in the final battle, the head of Torgo briefly revives enough to shoot Boss Baker dead. With Baker defeated, Mar-Vell agrees to take Torgo back to his home planet of Mekka to be repaired.


Continuity Notes

  • Boss Baker recounts how the Skrulls kidnapped Ben and imprisoned him on the 1930s inspired arena world of Kral IV. This happened in Fantastic Four #90-93 and ended with the slaves revolting.
  • Although Boss Baker dies here, the Skrulls of Kral IV who were inspired by the 1930s endured as seen in Black Panther Vol 4 #31-33.

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