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Synopsis for "My Master, Machinesmith!"

While going through a training session to better control his powers, Jack of Hearts is given a letter from the Corporation by his butler. The letter explains that the Corporation seeks to end their unfinished business regarding the Zero Fluid formula.

Deciding to go to the appointed meeting place to meet with the Corporation and deal with them once and for all, he finds that they currently have the Machinesmith in their employ and that they have the Thing as his prisoner. Fighting off the Machinesmith's androids, Jack of Hearts manages to free the Thing, and the two of them go after the Machinesmith himself.

However, even with the help of the Yancy Street Gang, when the Jack of Hearts finally captures him, the two heroes are shocked to find that the Machinesmith they were chasing was really a robot himself.


Continuity Notes

  • There is animosity between the Thing and the Yancy Street Gang because, as revealed in Thing #1, Ben used to be a member of the gang until he moved away from Yancy Street and started a new life. A change which the Yancy Streeters saw as a betrayal.

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