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Appearing in "Curse of Crawlinswood"

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Synopsis for "Curse of Crawlinswood"

When Ben Grimm vacations in a spooky mansion, he also finds that Dr. Strange is staying there as well. While Ben has come for vacation, Strange has come because mystical forces have gathered there that require his investigation.

The two end up battling Ennis Tremellyn, an ancient sorcerer who was lost in a shipwreck and now back to life now that the ship has been uncovered by ecological digging, and the proper celestial alignments. While Ben defends the patrons of the hotel from Kemo -- a former ship slave under Ennis' control over him with the Heart of Ahriman.

In the final battle, the Heart is crushed, and Dr. Strange manages to defeat Ennis and banish him to his master. Free of Ennis' control, Kemo then also passes along into the afterlife.


Continuity Notes


The name of the town "Crawlinsport" and the inn "Crawlinswood" are an homage to the daytime television series Dark Shadows.

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