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Synopsis for "Full House -- Dragons High!"

The Thing is hosting the first Floating Super-Hero Poker Game at Avengers Mansion, and is participated by members of the Avengers including Wonder Man, the Beast, and Ms. Marvel. Also in attendance are SHIELD director Nick Fury, New York District Attorney Blake Tower, and the Avenger's butler Jarvis. However, the game is cut short when reports of an attack on the SHIELD helicarrier are reported.

Hearing the news, the Thing, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, Beast, and Nick Fury take the Fantasticar to stop the invasion. Arriving there, they find that General Pollock is the attacker, seeking to obtain the Sky Dragon weapon and also Ultimate Annihilator.

However, the members of the Avengers and Ben all help defeat Pollock's attacking army and capture Pollock himself and put him into custody. After everything is cleaned up, the heroes return to Ben's apartment, where all except for Wonder Man are too tired to do much else other than sleep.


Continuity Notes

  • The Beast mentions how his former teammates in the X-Men were briefly prisoners of Mesmero, that occurred in X-Men #111. The Beast tracked the group down and rescued them.
  • The terrorists are trying to steal the Ultimate Annihilator, another Yellow Claw weapon that was confiscated by SHIELD in Strange Tales #165.

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