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Synopsis for "A Little Knight Music!"

When Reed Richards is to accept a reward, Ben is on hand for the ceremony and is present when an assassination attempt is being made on the scientist. Although Ben fails to stop the killing, he learns of the masterminds location. When Moon Knight arrives (who had been watching the situation undercover to get at a former CIA mercenary William Cross.) to try and lend a hand. Ben shrugs him off and refuses Moon Knight's offer of aid.

Undaunted, Moon Knight changes into his cabbie identity of Jake Lockley to give Ben a lift to the location. When Ben crashes in on the crooks, Moon Knight is also there to lend a hand. Moon Knight finds out his target -- now the villain known as Crossfire -- as the mastermind behind the assassination. The two learn of Crossfire's attempt to build a sonic device to drive the worlds super-humans to fight each other to the death.

Although they are captured, Ben and Moon Knight break free and battle Crossfire, who is seemingly killed when a bomb goes off in his escape elevator.


Continuity Notes

  • In this story Moon Knight disguises himself as a cab driver named Jake Lockley. First seen in Marvel Spotlight #28, this is one of the three personas that Moon Knight had adopted to help in his one-man war on crime at the time. He eventually abandons those identities following the events of Moon Knight #38.

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