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Synopsis for "The Pegasus Project Part 3: Giants in the Earth"

Continued from last issue....

The Thing, Bill Foster, Quasar, and Jennine O'Connell are enjoying a poker game when suddenly the alarm goes off. They all pair off to find out which prisoner has escaped, with Bill Foster tagging along with the Thing. Entering an elevator, they find it stopped (unknown to them by the radioactive mutant known as Nuklo) When Ben's injured arm prevents him from stopping them from being crushed, Bill exposes his identity as Black Goliath to Ben in order to save their lives. His added strength causes Nuklo to give up on the "game" he is playing and find fun elsewhere. As Ben and Bill continue their search for the escaped prisoner, Ben suggests to Bill to take on the identity of Giant-Man since the name isn't being used presently by any other hero. As they continued their search, Quasar checks on the nuclear reactors and finds that they are going out of whack and realizes that only Nuklo could possibly be the cause, and goes out to try and find the creature.

While back in New York, Thundra is preparing for her first big match against the Grappler known as Titania. Unknown to Thundra, Titania's employers have passed her a needle with a potent drug in it, which Titania uses in the ring on Thundra in order to weaken her enough to be defeated at her hands.

Meanwhile, back at Project Pegasus, Giant-Man and the Thing have tracked down Nuklo who has been found by his keeper, Henri Sorel who has managed to talk Nuklo down. Unaware of this, and having his hands wrapped in metal to protect them from Nuklo's radioactive body, Giant-Man lashes out and beats the child-like creature into submission, knocking it into an anti-gravity device that renders it helpless. With the threat of Nuklo passed, Sorel berates the two heroes on beating the boy senseless.

While in the room where Wundarr has been in a coma since his exposure to the Cosmic Cube, the man-boy from another world dreams about his past -- being the last survivor of his home world, his encounters with the Man-Thing and others and his eventual turn over to Project Pegasus. When he awakens, a voice in his head tells him that the power of the Cosmic Cube is his to harness and that when he wakes again he will be able to channel its power.

This story is continued next issue....


Continuity Notes

  • The Thing's arm is in a sling because it was injured battling the Deathlok robot last issue.
  • Also occurring the previous issue, Bill Foster brought the corpse of Atom Smasher (who died in Black Goliath #3) to examine. As revealed next issue it's because Atom Smasher gave Foster cancer and he is seeking a cure.

Foster explains some of his past history, mentioning working for Goliath of the Avengers, this was when Pym was trapped at a height of ten feet. Pym got trapped at 10 feet in height during the Avenger's battle with the Beetle in Avengers #28. Bill Foster was tapped by Tony Stark to help Pym cure himself in Avengers #32. They eventually effected a cure in Avengers #35. A year later, Foster began using Pym's growth formula to become Black Goliath in Black Goliath #1.

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