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-- Poundcakes

Appearing in "The Pegasus Project Part 4: The Deadlier of the Species!"

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Synopsis for "The Pegasus Project Part 4: The Deadlier of the Species!"

Continued from last issue....

Following her defeat at the hands of Titania, Thundra has been forced into aiding the Grapplers in breaking into Project Pegasus for their employers Nth Command, a subsection of a private company. As they break into the facility, elsewhere in the Pegasus compound, Ben visits the seemingly unconscious Wundarr to express his guilty at letting the people at Project Pegasus experiment on him. Feeling tearful, the Thing leaves the room unaware that Wundarr has revived and forgives Ben for what happened.

Returning to his quarters, Ben runs into Thundra who uses force to try to prevent the Thing from stopping her. Their subsequent battle leads to the alarm going off, which brings Quasar and Giant-Man to investigate the situation. Quasar runs into Letha, and Screaming Mimi first, and is at first put on the defensive by Mimi's sonic scream, however, he manages to overcome the scream's hallucinogenic effects and defeat the three women with his Quantum Bands. Giant-Man meanwhile finds Titania and Poundcakes in the research center. His giant size working against him, Giant-Man is easily taken off guard, however, Giant-Man manages to turn things to his advantage and easily knocks out the two overconfident Amazons. As this is happening, Ben is losing his fight against Thundra, however, he manages to turn the battle around on her and defeats her as easily as her comrades.

With Thundra and the other Grapplers subdued, the Thing, Giant-Man, and Quasar attempt to question them. The Grapplers refuse to speak, and Thundra regrets that she cannot talk either because she had been honor-sworn not to reveal what their plan was. Elsewhere in the facility within the Nuclear Research Module, Thomas Lightener has taken the payload brought by the Grapplers and is busy completing the assembly of a Nth Projector, a device that he intends to use to destroy the Pegasus Project.

This story is continued next issue....


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