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Appearing in "The Pegasus Project Part 5: When Walks Wundarr!"

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  • Loop Buggy

Synopsis for "The Pegasus Project Part 5: When Walks Wundarr!"

Continued from last issue....

Following attacks on Project Pegasus by Deathlok, the release of Nuklo and most recently the attack by Thundra and the Grapplers, Quasar, Giant-Man and the Thing believe that someone within Pegasus must be helping with these attacks and put the base on alert. Thing goes off to try and question Thundra again, hoping to be able to talk her into explaining what exactly happened.

As the Thing questions Thundra, Wundarr has once more awaken and has begun walking the halls of Project Pegasus. The alien man-child's energy dampening powers absorb the nearby power sources he passes and he unwittingly frees Solarr from his cell. When Solarr finds his powers cannot harm Wundarr, he decides to free some of the other criminal captives and try to find a way out. He first tries to recruit Electro, but finds that the villain is all bandaged up following his last battle with Spider-Man and leaves the electricity based villain. As Solarr continues to look for an ideal ally, Quasar and the other heroes have the computer logs sifted through and the computer determines that the only Pegasus employee that has been seen in the areas of all the attacks is Thomas Lightner, which does not surprise the Thing.

Meanwhile, Solarr busts into Klaw's holding cell and is furious to find only Klaw's sonic claw and furiously throws it against a wall. This causes Klaw's body to reconstitute and regain consciousness. As Solarr and Klaw plan their escape, Quasar, Giant-Man and the Thing go looking for Lightner. Lightner himself has finished the Nth Projector, however, instead of using it to destroy Project Pegasus like his masters intended, he hopes to restore his Blacksun powers and targets on himself, with unexpected results.

The heroes end up running into Solarr and Klaw and a brawl happens between the two groups. Solarr attempts to fight Quasar one on one but finds himself hopelessly over-powered. Meanwhile, Wundarr has made his way to the room where the Cosmic Cube has been stored, while at the same time the Thing and Giant-Man manage to overpower and defeat Klaw. After the villains defeat the three super-heroes begin to contemplate how the two crooks managed to escape from their cells. Unfortunately, they fail to notice Klaw reviving, and the master of sound manages to knock them all out with a powerful sonic blast. With the three heroes knocked out, Klaw aims his sonic claw up against the Things temple hoping to fire at point-blank range and destroy his longtime nemesis once and for all.

This story is concluded next issue....


Continuity Notes

  • Klaw mentions his last memory being his defeat at the hands of the Black Panther in Black Panther #15. However, since that story Klaw has appeared in Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #1 which places that appearance between Black Panther #15 and this issue. In that story the Leader reformed Klaw. If that is the case, how he got to be trapped in his weapon and imprisoned within Project PEGASUS from there is unexplained.
  • The Thing mentions how many times he has fought Klaw in the past. Up to this issue the Thing has battled Klaw in Fantastic Four #53, 56, 119, and 187.

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