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Appearing in "The Coming of Her!"

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  • Sensia (Moondragon's ship)

Synopsis for "The Coming of Her!"

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A bunch of dock workers on New York's Pier 17 pull a strange cocoon out from the water and are shocked when it suddenly bursts open and a blazing female figure rises from it and flies off into the sky. The figure bursts into Alicia Masters apartment where she is having a candlelit dinner with the Thing. Introducing herself as Her, the female being attacks Ben when he tries to approach her. Confronting Alicia, she explains that she has sought Alicia out in order to find Him, and when Ben tries to stop her from taking Alicia away, the powerful Her blasts the Thing away and leaves with Alicia.

Taking Alicia to Central Park, Her explains that she is an artificial being created by the Enclave, and how she originally was formed in a male body called Paragon. Following the Enclave's battle with Dr. Strange and the Hulk, Paragon (learning of the creation of Adam Warlock, aka Him, previously) formed a cocoon that entered the ocean, where Paragon began a metamorphosis into Her, so that it may be the perfect mate for Him. She further explains that since Alicia had previous contact with Him, that she may help Her find her intended mate.

Meanwhile, Ben returns to the Baxter Building to find the rest of the Fantastic Four are nowhere to be found. Ben then calls the Avengers and only finds Jarvis on duty, and cancels the communication before the Avengers butler could make another suggestion. Ben then decides to try and use one of Reed cosmic energy readers but reaches a dead end. He is then visited by Starhawk, a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who have been staying at Avengers Mansion during their visit to the 20th Century, and explains that he was dispatched to help Ben by Jarvis. Starhawk explains that he has the power to help Ben track down Her and save Alicia.

Back in Central Park, Her and Alicia are approached by Moondragon, who after a brief struggle with Her explains that she had been waiting long for the artificial beings coming. Moondragon then explains how Adam Warlock had perished during a battle against Thanos, sacrificing his life to save the universe from the tyrant and that after the defeat of Thanos, the Avengers, Thing, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man buried Adam's body on a Counter-Earth. Believing that she has the power to resurrect Adam Warlock, Her asks Moondragon to take her to the Counter-Earth, Alicia asks to be taken along with them as well so that she may experience the adventure as well.

At that moment, the Thing and Starhawk arrive to try and save Alicia, unaware of what is going on. The two attack Moondragon and Her, however, they are easily overpowered and fail to stop Moondragon from raising her ship from out of a lake. Before they can escape, though, Starhawk tries once more to stop them and takes a point-blank burst of energy fired from Her and crashes into the lake. Ben is forced to let the women escape in order to save Starkhawk from drowning.

Reviving Starkhawk, the two men regroup and Ben vows to rescue Alicia no matter what it takes.

This story is continued next issue....


Continuity Notes

  • Her has encased herself in a Cocoon much like Adam Warlock did before her, as first seen in Fantastic Four #66. His origins and his connections to Alicia Masters are explained in this issue.
  • Jarvis states that the Avengers are out on a mission. This story happened around the events of Avengers #188 where the Avengers were in Russia battling the Elements of Doom.
  • Starhawk mentions the last time the Thing met the Guardians of the Galaxy, which happened when Ben and Captain America ventured to Starhawk's era in Marvel Two-In-One #45.

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