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Appearing in "The Serpent Crown Affair Part 2: Serpents from the Sea"

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Synopsis for "The Serpent Crown Affair Part 2: Serpents from the Sea"

Continued from last issue....

While investigating a Roxxon Oil rig, while waiting on a rendezvous with the Inhuman named Triton, the Thing and Stingray end up in a battle against the Serpent Squad, a group of costumed super-villains who have come seeking the Serpent Crown for their employers at Roxxon Oil. With the unconscious Stingray taken captive by the Squad, the Thing stops his fight and the two are tied to the compromised rig while the Serpent Squad and the workers escape, leaving the heroes to die when the rig ultimately collapses into the ocean. Worried about the length of time it's taken the heroes to come back, and unaware of the battle that has just occurred, Dr. Henry Croft uses the Pogo-Planes radio to call for help.

Meanwhile, back in New York City, Thundra gets into a fight with Hyperion but agrees to help her manager and teams up with Hyperion for a new job, unaware that she is once more being manipulated as a pawn for Roxxon Oil.

Back on the California coast, the oil rig collapses, and the Thing manages to break himself and Stingray free before they can drown. They are given a helping hand from Triton who has just arrived with his sample of the Terrigen Mists for Reed Richards to examine. Telling Triton about his encounter with the Serpent Squad and how they are searching for something under the water, the aquatic Inhuman agrees to travel underwater with the Thing to try and figure out what it is they are looking for.

The Serpent Squad uncovers the long lost Serpent Crown and soon engages in a fight with the two heroes. At first, the heroes (especially the Thing, who is attacked with visions of Alicia by Black Mamba) are overpowered by their serpentine foes. However, they are soon joined by Stingray who has revived and come to lend them a helping hand. Although they are able to over-power the Serpent Squad, the villains manage to escape along with the Serpent Crown, using an exploding depth charge to cover their escape.

With the Serpent Squad defeated, the three heroes return to the Pogo-Plan and advise Henry Croft of the situation and decide what they are going to do about he Squad's procurement of the Serpent Crown.

This story is concluded next issue....


Continuity Notes

  • Triton explains that he heard of the Serpent Crown from his ally the Sub-Mariner. Namor dealt with the Serpent Crown back in Sub-Mariner #713.

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