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Synopsis for "Passport to Oblivion!"

Needing a place to dispose of the Serpent Crown, the Thing brings it to Project Pegasus, where he is reunited briefly with his old allies Quasar and Giant-Man. He tosses the Serpent Crown into a containment field, and then joins the two other heroes for lunch, and learns that so far nobody has been able to find a cure for Giant-Man's cancer.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Hyperion takes Thundra to the secret headquarters of Nth Command, which is disguised as a bank. There, she meets the commander of Nth Command, where she is shown their Nth Projectors devices that can open portals to parallel worlds, and is surprised when they are able to open a portal to her own world.

Returning to the Baxter Building, Ben consoles in Reed that he made a mistake in breaking up with Alicia and after the pep-talk with Reed decides to try and make up with her. However, when Ben arrives at Alicia's apartment with flowers, she spots him leaving her home with another man, and assumes that she has moved on and walks away without approaching her.

Back at Nth Command, after Thundra has been shown how the Nth Projector works, she betrays the Nth Command members by stealing the device and making a break for it. The Nth Command sends Hyperion after her to try and recapture the device, however, has developed feelings for Thundra, Hyperion decides to aid her in escaping wishing to go wherever she goes. This leads to an armed group of Nth Commandos to chase after them in a hover car.

When their battle ends up on the streets of New York, Thundra and Hyperion run into the Thing, who believes that Hyperion is attacking her and rushes to her "aid". As Hyperion and Thing battle, the Nth Command members try to recover both Thundra and the Nth Projector. Although they manage to snare her in a net, Thundra manages to break free and smash their hover car and send them running.

Briefly knocked into Thundra's vicinity, she explains to Ben what is going on and activates the Nth Projector and admits that she loved Ben. Ben contemplates going with her to her world but has only moments to decide because the Projector is set to destruct after it's used. Ben decides to stay behind when Hyperion rushes in to join Thundra in her world, and the portal closes as he is passing through, destroying the Nth Projector and leaving Ben all alone.


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  • Although Thundra and Hyperion appear to go through the Nth Projector together their departure has some complexities to it:

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