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Synopsis for "The Cure!"

The Thing has accompanied Reed Richards to the Great Refuge of the Inhumans where Reed and the Inhuman's scientists are busy working on a cure for Henry Croft and the other amphibians of Hydro-Base. Reed and the Inhumans have come to the conclusion that the gas used to mutate the amphibians was similar to that of the Inhuman's own Terrigen Mists. During their continued research, Attilan is hit by another earthquake, and Ben saves Reed and the Inhuman scientists from being crushed to death by a falling device.

After saving Reed, Ben decides to go and visit his other Inhuman allies, briefly visiting the now pregnant Crystal (and her husband the mutant Quicksilver) before letting off some steam by playing Interia-Ball with Triton, Gorgon and Karnak, a sport that Ben takes to very quickly. As they play on, Reed Richards and the Inhuman scientists manage to create a gas to counteract the mutations in the amphibians, however, the Inhumans are concerned that such a cure could be used to decimate the Inhuman race as well. These prove to be foreboding words, as a being known as Maelstrom has been spying on the Inhumans and sends his agents Phobius, Gronk, and Helio to collect it for just such as use.

Accompanied by the Thing and the Inhumans, Reed Richards and Dr. Croft fly to Hydro-Base where they reveal to everyone there that they have developed a cure and begin setting up a means to administer it by a special gas chamber, Ben, the Inhumans and Stingray are put on security detail while the curative process is put underway. Growing bored with the lack of action they decide to play another game of Interia-Ball. As they are playing this sport they fail to spot Maelstrom's minions sneaking onto the island.

The trio of mutates uses a combination of their powers to steal a sample of the curative mists and try to make their escape. Spotted by Reed Richards, the alarm is raised and Ben, Stingray and the Inhumans engage the creatures in combat outside of the main complex. During the fight, they are overpowered at first, however, develop a strategy to defeat their foes. While the heroes manage to knock out the invaders and take them into custody, the canister is knocked into the ocean where Maelstrom activates a self-propulsion unit inside the canister to bring it to his lair where he waits for his previous cargo to be delivered.

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Continuity Notes

  • The Thing recounts how Doctor Hydro mutated a plane full of people into Hydro-Men in Sub-Mariner #61.

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