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Synopsis for "Disaster At Diablo Reach"

Stephen Edward Shields, president of Pacific Energy & Utility Corporation (PE&UC) & his assistant Rodney Stack hire the Thing as a bodyguard against masked LA murderer Negator, who intends to destroy LA in an atomic holocaust. Jules McClure of People to Protect Our Environment is shot in the back by Negator, after having made a large payment to the villain. The Savage She-Hulk is in a t.v. commercial for Wacky Willie's Wheels-And-Deals, attacking used cars to demonstrate durability. Their verbal contract specified She-Hulk's participation for a pink '57 Cadillac loaded with options. She has to jar Willie's memory, and teeth, to remind him to pay up. She nearly runs the Thing down, hitchhiking by after a plane crash. She thinks he's cute, little short, but cute. She drives him to Diablo Reactor, at speeds over 90 mph, scaring Ben. She stops at a Booze N Snooze Truck stop for burgers, pays as the Thing has nothing on him. She scoots (roughly) 4 rude men out of a booth, orders a Black Jack minus rocks, same for her 'date'. Thing changes his to a tall draft with lots of rocks. He's getting spooked.

She-Hulk has waited long enough for Thing to make a pass, so she kisses him. On the news, Rodney reports the death of truckers Ed & Russ during theft of the uranium rods. It is the excuse Thing needs to get away (he thinks she's a looker, but Alicia wouldn't like it, also he imagines that She-Hulk's temper and his bullheadedness would lead to fights). She-Hulk will only give him the keys if he promises her a night on the town. Ben agrees.

Her off-road driving is worse than her freeway driving, Thing makes a crack about his Aunt Petunia being right about women drivers. She-Hulk stops the car and demands an apology, as well as the whole weekend. She won't take his girl in NYC excuse for an answer, either. Rodney is Negator, he killed the truckers and a helicopter pilot, sabotaged the rods, and took the ransom money. He sees a pink caddy approaching, shoots two Diablo Nuclear facility guards, and starts the steel doors closing. She-Hulk enters the closing doors on two wheels. She saves Thing from Negator's blast (which damages her car's leather upholstery).

She-Hulk pursues Negator as Thing seeks the uranium rods. Negator fights She-Hulk on a reactor tower with a 300-foot drop. Rodney tells She-Hulk he was a strong young man who labored in the uranium mines for his company but found out that his health was ruined. Now he's going to end nuclear power. He blasts off with a jetpack, but She-Hulk and Thing net him with a wire fence. Threatened into telling them the uranium core is already melting down, they punch their way in and use the jetpack to put the uranium core almost into space before it goes off.

Mr. Shields tells Ben and Jen that they'll need to be decontaminated. The process will take 3 days, and they'll have to share the small quarters. Jen is intrigued, and Ben is embarrassed.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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