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Synopsis for "When A God Goes Mad!"

The Thing attends a puppet show about the Fantastic Four along with Wundarr, Namorita, and Annie Christopher. At the end of the show, he notices that the puppeteer strongly resembles the Puppet Master, but dismisses his suspicions as the villain is believed dead. While leaving in the Fantasti-Car, he nearly collides with an absent-minded Thor bent on visiting Jane Foster at the hospital. The Puppet-Master witnesses the speeding Asgardian, and plots to use the added radioactive power of his ally Radion to make Thor destroy the Fantastic Four.

With Thor under their control, they send him to attack the Fantastic Four, Thor travels to the Baxter Building and beats Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, and the Human Torch into unconsciousness. Momentarily snapping out of the Puppet Masters control, Thor changes into Don Blake so that he can administer first aid, this transformation severs the link to the Puppet Master. Thing arrives to find Don Blake helping the others, Thing's suspicions that the Puppet Master was behind the attack are a little more validated, however, Blake tells Thing that Thor had done it.

After he is finished treating the Fantastic Four members, he decides to look into if the Puppet Master is involved and risks changing into Thor once more. However, the Puppet Master has Radion bombard the Thor puppet at full power, putting the thunder god under their thrall again. Puppet Master turns Thor against the Thing, and both he and Radion go to watch the battle in person. However, when Wundarr arrives and begins absorbing Radion's energy, Radion flees the scene. Without Radion's power to sustain the puppet, Thor regains control of himself, and Wundarr knocks the Puppet Master unconscious. Thor apologizes for his actions while under the Puppet Master's control and departs.


Continuity Notes

  • The narrative of this story mentions how, at the time of this tale, the Fantastic Four had just recently battled Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four #156157.
  • The Thing believed the Puppet Master died in their last encounter during the events of Marvel Team-Up #6 when he seemingly perished with an explosion struggling with his sometimes ally the Mad Thinker.
  • Thor is returning to New York City after his battle with Loki in Thor #233234.
  • The Human Torch is wearing a red and yellow costume this issue. He began wearing it in Fantastic Four #132, he eventually switches back to his traditional blue on black costume following the events of Fantastic Four #159.
  • At the time of this story, Thor could switch to the mortal guise of Donald Blake. This transformation was imposed on Thor by his father Odin to teach him humility as first seen in Thor #159. Thor (Vol. 3) #1 clarifies that Blake is a mystical construct of Odin that lives a symbiotic life with Thor. At the time Thor kept his double identities a secret.
  • While the narrative of this story states that Radion will appear in later issues, he does not make another appearance until Iron Fist #4.

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