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Appearing in "Vid Wars!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Dr. Giles Neven
  • Sharilla


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Vid Wars!"

The Thing is spending time with his godson, Franklin Richards, at a video arcade in Times Square. After the boy has had his fill they head on back to the Baxter Building. There they find a scientist named D.r Giles Neven who is attempting to get an audience with Mister Fantastic but is being denied by security. Ben is curious and learns that the man is trying to show Richards his new video game design in the hopes that Reed might invest in it. Thinking this might be of interest to Franklin, Ben decides to invite the bespectacled scientist into their home. On the elevator ride up, Neven explains that he creates video games to fund his true passion: trying to build a device strong enough to pick up signals that are being sent by a distant galaxy. Setting up his computer in Reed's lab, Neven explains that his latest game creation is a game called "Space Saver". The object of the game is to pilot a "Space Saver" around a maze and destroy alien creatures called Gungy Gobblers.

Catching the Thing's interest, Ben asks if he could play the game. When the Thing presses the start button, however, the trio are suddenly teleported away. They are shocked to discover themselves on the alien world of K'rith. They are greeted by a tall green skinned woman named Sharilla who explains that her people -- the K'rithians are under siege from the Gh'unji. Much to their surprise, the K'rith were responsible for beaming the messages to Earth. Having influenced Neven into creating his Space Saver game, they tested him and deemed him to be the greatest of the Space Savers and have asked for him to assist in stopping the massive Gh'unji's before they consume their world.

Regardless of the fact that the entire scenario is ridiculous, both the Thing and Franklin agree to help. Piloting one of K'rith ships they engage one of the Gh'unji's but they prove nearly indestructible. Learning that the creature goes to a massive device for some unknown reason, the four travel to its location where the Thing determines that it is some sort of power generator. Fending off the Gh'unji's attack, the Thing manages to destroy the generator and with the Gh'unji now cut off from his energy source he becomes inert and fades away. In the aftermath of the battle, Sharilla offers Giles to stay and be celebrated as a hero, an offer that Neven agrees to. Ben and Franklin are then returned home where they tell Reed and Sue about the entire episode. Reed decides to invest in Neven's game in the hopes the income generated from its sale can be used to finance a fund in Neven's name.

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