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Quote1.png I think maybe some part of me was still waiting for the con. Waiting for Doom to screw us over one last time. Waiting for the punch line to God's last sick joke. But Doom came to play. No, that's not fair. I should say it the right way. He came to conquer. Quote2.png
-- Hawkeye

Appearing in "Part 2: Invictus"

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Synopsis for "Part 2: Invictus"

Dr. Doom has come New York City to offer the last group of Avengers a chance to win the war against the virus, which he claims has infected the entire biosphere, the catch being that they have to bow down to him. Naturally, Reed Richards, working from his lab, warns Hawkeye not to trust him. Thor doesn't believe him either, considering him to be an opportunist taking advantage of the situation, and throws Mjolnir at Doom. Angry, Doom questions where Thor's loyalty lies since he is an Asgardian fighting a human war. Thor stands with the humans as an Asgardian and an Avenger, but Doom challanges the Avengers for being heroes that avenge pain and suffering instead of trying to alleviate it like he is trying to do. Iron Man calls him out and asks him how many Latverians have fallen to the virus, but it turns out that no one under Doom's rule has become infected thanks to the Doomstone, an invention of his own making, and it will be used to heal the rest of the world when he is named Emperor of Earth.

Outraged, the Avengers refuse Doom's offer and fight him. However, Doom is more than capable of beating them. Hawkeye wonders if this is because of fatigue or Doom's sudden confidence in his power. Eventually, their fight comes to an end when infected Subterraneans, led by Hercules, rise from the ground to feed on those on the surface, proving Doom's earlier statement that the entire world is infected.

In a savage fight for survival, the Avengers battle the Subteraneans while Doom watches on. Afraid that they will lose, Hawkeye tries to convince Doom to help save the world, saying that doing so will give them a reason to bow to him. After all, he cannot be Emperor of the World if their is no one to worship him. Hawkeye is able to get through to him and Doom single-handedly defeats their foes. With no other options, the heroes finally bow to Doom.

Solicit Synopsis

• How far would you go to save the world? That’s the question the Avengers must answer. • Doctor Doom says that he can cure the cannibal plague that is consuming the Marvel Universe. • His price? To become Emperor of Earth.

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