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Now that the Avengers have named Doom their Emperor, Doom agrees to help save the world, starting with New York, believing that, if they are able to save New York, the rest of the world will not lose hope. Using the Baxter Building's power supply, a laser fence was built to make sure no one could get in or out. The Doomstones, which are made through science and alchemy, were placed on the uninfected to keep the plague that's already inside them dormant. Daken was infected, so when a Doomstone was placed on him, his mind was wiped clean, both negating the plague in his body and turning him into a mindless vegetable. Uninfected citizens were brought to camps, where they were tested and given Doomstones. If a genetic change occurs, the stone would change colors.

Though none of the Avengers are happy about their situation, Thor takes it the hardest, choosing to abandon the world instead of serving Doom and wearing one of his Doomstones. Along with this loss, cannibals started to form tribes.

However, Reed and T'Challa are uncertain about their safety camps, especially since they no nothing about the Doomstones, but Tony sent Quicksilver with a Doomstone to the science team's lab in Alaska. Hawkeye asks about their progress so far, which is not much. Though they no everything about it, they can't seem to come up with a cure. The plague has rewritten everyone's DNA, meaning the only potential cure would be to alter people's DNA to nullify it, and if they could create this kind of cure, it could take months or years to effect the whole world. T'Challa thinks that the only course of action is to save enough people to start the world over.

Suddenly, Finesse stumbles in near-death and warns them about She-Hulk's rampage at the Javits Convention Center, a safety camp housing 20,000 people, including a third of the medical team. Iron Man and Hawkeye join up with Punisher and kill the infected.

Angry, Hawkeye demands the cure Doom promised them. Doom shows him Daken with a Doomstone embedded into his chest, which has rewritten his DNA and allowed him to retain his humanity, only now he acts like a child, such as asking for his dad and curling up into a ball. Hawkeye tells the remaining Avengers about this. The team still hasn't decided whether or not they should trust Doom and neither Tony nor Dr. Strange can figure out how the Doomstones work, giving Hawkeye reason to believe Doom is hiding something.

After another three hours of discussion and getting nowhere, Hawkeye stumbles across Deadpool dragging a bloody bag into the Baxter Building. Realizing that Deadpool has become a cannibal, Hawkeye follows him. Inside, he discovers Doom is about to feast on the body Deadpool has brought him.

Solicit Synopsis

• Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have become the army of Earth’s deadliest villain. • The infection is spreading and it’s time to make the hardest choices in a war of only hard choices. • All hail Emperor Doom!

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