Quote1 Hawkeye was the last of them. The last Avenger. The last complication. Now the fight makes sense. There are no more civilians. No more innocent bystanders. Now it's just them. And me. Quote2
-- Punisher

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Synopsis for "Part 4: The Last Avenger"

Hawkeye has caught Doctor Doom trying to eat someone, but Doom explains that he made the Doomstones to allow himself, his nation, and now New York to control their rage and retain their humanity while still being hungry cannibals. However, Hawkeye cannot accept his vision of a world where everyone has embraced their predatory nature and contacts the Avengers to warn them. Doom activates the Doomstones, turning Hawkeye's red as he throws it off. An explosion occurs, giving Hawkeye a chance to escape.

Meanwhile, as Iron Man, Red Hulk, and the Avengers Academy students finish putting up the laser fence, Red Hulk and the students' Doomstones turn red, suddenly making them cannibals. New York is finally Doom's.

Two hours later, Black Widow is helping Hawkeye with his injuries alongside the Punisher in his van. Hawkeye tells them everything, including his suspicion that Doom was infected at the start of the outbreak. Later on, Hawkeye contacts the science team in Alaska. Reed tells him that the Doomstones were made with the type of alchemy that is used in conjuring ceremonies. Black Panther goes on to elaborate that the stones allow Doom to alter the wearer's psyche and manipulate the plague inside them, causing them to become cannibals instantly and making them an extension of Doom's will. To make matters worse, almost everyone in New York, including the Avengers, are wearing a Doomstone.

Now the responsibility falls to the three of them to take back the city. However, Hawkeye has his doubts about their chances, the Punisher wants to take out the infected, and Black Widow wants to stop Doom and destroy the Doomstones. Regardless, they start a search for uninfected Avengers, which proves to be more difficult with signals jammed by Doom. However, their search is fruitless.

Iron Man is still locked in battle with Red Hulk. He manages to use the remaining power in his suit to launch Red Hulk into the distance, but his stone turns red, transforming him into a cannibal trapped in a malfunctioning suit. Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Punisher are battling a group of infected cannibals when Spider-Man swings down and snatches Natasha. Thor and Loki watch from Asgard, where Thor stares intently at the monitors projecting the devastation to them.

The Punisher has since left Hawkeye to hunt Spider-Man, leaving Clint alone to finish things. Before entering the Baxter Building to confront Doom, Hawkeye holds up a stick with the tip of one of Wolverine's claws tied to it. Inside the Baxter Building, after beating Deadpool, Hawkeye kills Doom by shooting Wolverine's claw point blank into his head.

By morning, Hawkeye attempts to contact the Avengers again. However, every Avenger has fallen, leaving only Hawkeye, who swears to avenge the world. But suddenly, the infected Thor comes down and bashes in Hawkeye's head. Having watched this, the Punisher is now able to hunt the infected without anything holding him back.

Solicit Synopsis

• Hawkeye is the last Avenger standing. He’s all that stands between Emperor Doom and a world of unimaginable horrors. • If he falls, who will avenge our world? • MARVEL UNIVERSE vs THE AVENGERS reaches its bloody, heartbreaking conclusion.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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