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  • Survivor 118


Synopsis for "Last Gun on Earth"

In this world, the Punisher ekes out a life in a post-Apocalyptic Earth in hunting down both superheroes and villains who have turned into cannibalistic savages. Among his opponents is Deadpool, whom Castle kills with a headshot. Having previously killed Deadpool numerous times due to his regenerating powers, the Punisher cuts him into separate pieces and buries them far away from each other in the ruins of New York City.

Five years ago, Spider-Man fought the Rhino which they brought their battle to Madison Square Garden during a hockey game. As the crowds cheered for Spider-Man, he suddenly and unexpectedly bites into Rhino's neck and declaring that the "meat is mine!" The Fantastic Four were immediately called in and subdued and imprisoned the Web-Crawler at the Baxter Building. After studying Spider-Man, Reed Richards reported his findings to the media in which he rules out Spider-Man as a sort of "zombie" (something similar to the Rage-infected in the movie 28 Days Later) as the superhero is infected with an unknown pathogen that retain his thinking, but disabling his higher reasoning functions. Turning and reducing him to a more primitive state - a cannibalistic predator. Immediately afterward, a similar event happened when The Blob entered a Chinese restaurant in Hoboken and ate everyone. And a day later a bus of school children went on a murder frenzy in a Nyack shopping mall. Soon more people were beginning to develop the same savage characteristic and eventually surfacing in the superhuman community. Scientists and the government were studying on what is causing this, but only led into dead ends. Inevitably within ten days, the virus had overrun America and eventually the world. Heroes who were uninfected, including the Punisher, had at first tried to capture and control the infected before finally deciding to kill them. Over time the heroes succumbed to the virus: The Thing formed a tribe in the shell of the Baxter Building and killed and ate numerous members of the superhero community before finally being killed by the Punisher; Susan Storm lasted longer, but ultimately euthanised her children; and Thor, who remained uninfected, killed Ares and Hercules before presumably returning to Asgard. Though there are still unheard pockets of survivors who are immune to the disease, but overall became easy victims to the cannibals.

In present time, the Punisher appears to be the only uninfected left in a near-deserted New York and lives in a well armed and fortified fairground in Central Park, dedicating himself to kill all the cannibals in New York. By the next day, Frank continues his patrol in the city in his attempt to hunt down "Patient Zero", who rules parts of Manhattan with his tribe. He finds a fresh corpse of a man with signs of what appears to be an offering to the Punisher. Castle further examines the body and finds him to be uninfected, wondering about what makes other people immune.

In a flashback, the Punisher narrated that before the pandemic he overheard of a weapons dealing from the Red Mafia. Suggesting that they are selling a portable "suitcase nuke". Castle finds the place of the transaction at a warehouse dock and gun down the thugs. He made sure that he avoided shooting the suitcase, which is then revealed to be empty. Unfortunately, the members of the Red Mafia had its contents in their pockets and Castle inadvertently released the vials containing the unknown substance, exposing himself to it. This substance, known as Survivor 118, is a kind of gene therapy bonded to a pathogen that could be released through water or air. It was supposed to alter the basic chemistry of the body and allow survivors of a contaminated environment to breathe polluted air, and to eat just about anything-from meat to cardboard-to prevent death. Castle's heavy exposure led to him developing an immunity to Survivor 118. However, the released chemicals of Survivor 118 spread throughout the general population and eventually the entire world. This was noticed by the science community, which made everyone furious. They argued, unsure of the outcome and what amount of damage it could do. Ultimately, Survivor 118 was revealed to be the catalyst of the cannibal pandemic as the first signs that happened earlier among the early infected before Spider-Man were foolishly ruled out for other causes before finally realizing the pattern.

The Punisher reflects back at the 'offering' left by Patient Zero, as he wants Castle to know that there are other survivors. Castle also acknowledge his own revelation that he is the direct cause for unleashing the virus and now must atone for his gravest mistake by saving what is left of the world.

Solicit Synopsis

The creative team of Jonathan Maberry and Goran Parlov take you on a journey into the darkest territory in this Marvel Knights limited series. A terrible plague has swept the Earth, turning everyone – human, hero, villain, god and monster — into sadistic cannibal predators. As Spider-Man, the Hulk, the Thing and other infected start a feeding frenzy, the world falls in a wave of insatiable violence. Now, five years later, one man hunts the wasteland that was New York City. One man stands against the hordes of monsters who hunt the night. He is the Punisher, the Last Gun on Earth. And he has an endless supply of ammunition.


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There are several flashbacks that affect the chronology of the following characters.


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