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Quote1.png When we found them in there, you know what my first thought was? Thought, "They'll lead the dead right to us. They'll never survive out there on their own. It's kinder just to lock them back inside." These last few years I've done things I never thought I'd protect Franklin and Val, you know? But if I've fallen so far that I'm weighing the pros and cons of saving strangers' lives, I don't deserve to wear the suit any-- Quote2.png

Appearing in "Part 1 of 4"

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  • Nana (First appearance)


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Synopsis for "Part 1 of 4"

New York City is invaded by zombified superheroes and villains. In this chaos, Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Franklin and Valeria are trying to flee from the city on the Fantasti-Car. However, their transport is damaged by a zombified Vulture. Spider-Man barely stabilizes it before being struck by a zombified Human Torch and is knocked out of the Fantasti-Car.

Spider-Man's dream is then interrupted when he is woken up by Karla Sofen, aka Moonstone, as she informs him that they are ready to move out. It's revealed that years have past in which Peter, Franklin and Val have been traveling with Forge, Karla, Chewie (a Flerken) and a reprogrammed Sentinel dubbed "Nana" (thanks to Peter's expertise) after Earth had fell to the zombies known as the "Respawned". Franklin has also mysteriously lost his powers and has stopped aging, with the now teenage Valeria treating him like he's her little brother; it's implied Peter knows what happened to Franklin and refuses to tell them. The group soon come under attack by the Respawned that include a turned Nightcrawler. The group kills the Respawned and Nightcrawler is disintegrated by Nana. Forge reveals to everyone that he has been leading them to the Xavier Institute, which Forge explains that it has generators, weapons, and a fallout shelter with enough food to last for centuries. But Peter is not thrilled with the idea as he points out to Forge that they cannot risk their lives there on the very likely chance that they may encounter more "metaspawn" at the X-Mansion, and refuses to go. But Forge retorts to Peter that he is going back to the Institute with or without them. Peter reluctantly follows him.

Upon reaching the Institute grounds, Peter has Nana ordered to stay outside to guard while everyone carefully approaches the X-Mansion. Inside, they find the Mansion pilfered and completely strewn with religiously-toned graffiti belonging to "Deadheads" - a term used to refer to survivors who during the early invasion worshiped the Respawned on the mad belief that they are the next step in evolution or simply do so in order to be spared by them. According to Karla the Deadheads were kept alive by some Respawned nests to be used to capture and bringing other living people to feed them. The group comes to the pantry and are surprised to find survivors who are imprisoned by Deadheads. The prisoners are released and are told by Forge to escape through an old trailhead.

As soon as the prisoners are safely away, Nana warns the group that she has detected living beings approaching the building's main entrance. They soon encounter a group of Mutant Deadheads, who are angry on losing their "offerings". Before the two groups could fight, the Deadheads' master, Beast, arrives. The Deadheads' leader Leo tries to please the Respawned Beast by claiming that they have brought the "mutates" as offerings. But Leo's pleas falls on deaf ears and Beast devours his head whole and causing the remaining Deadheads to flee in terror. Forge, against Peter's warnings, tries to reason with Hank believing that he can get through to his old friend. Instead, Beast fatally slashes Forge. Nana, Peter, and Chewie proceed to fight Beast, with Peter eventually decapitating him with piano wires.

Beast's head still remains alive. Franklin momentarily stops Karla from destroying the head and demands Beast for his parents' whereabouts as Beast was on the Galactus mission with the Richards. Beast answers that his parents are with the "Galactus Hive" and claiming that they are waiting for Franklin, in the "Blackspring" where Galactus is gathering his armies. After Beast says his final words "come and see," Karla incinerates Beast and tells Franklin that he is leading them to a trap, and stressing him to give up his attempt to finding a cure for his parents and the Respawned. But Val states otherwise, pointing out that Beast still retained some of his memory and intelligence and that maybe it's just a matter of curing the "hunger" and possibly returning them back to normal. Karla is left deeply exasperated and makes her decision to leave the group rather than staying on their suicide mission to the Galactus Hive.

Val and Franklin examine Beast's charred skull and discover that Beast had been exposed to a strange form of radiation. Now they have a sample of the radiation's signature and with this they can find Galactus. But Peter, very stressed and tired, lash out at the children that there is no cure. He then calms himself down, apologizing to the children and wishing that he should have done better, but it had been a very hard night with Forge dead and Moonstone leaving them, and that they cannot go looking for their parents in what is effectively a suicide mission.

In the past, Spider-Man finds the Fantasti-Car crashed into the building. He finds only Franklin and Val before he is attacked by the Respawned Fantastic Four.

Peter wakes up from his nightmare and finding everyone gone. He frantically searches for them until he is ambushed by a Respawned Moonstone, who had damaged Nana and rendering Val, Franklin, and Chewie unconscious. Moonstone prepares to bite and transform Peter, but only to be decapitated by the vampire hunter Blade. Peter's rescuer tells him that before Moonstone had appeared, he had overheard Val and Franklin talking about how they knew to find the Galactus Hive, and he is very interested in joining their group.

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When the corpse of Galactus reaches planet Earth carrying a cannibalistic virus, Spider–Man and a ragtag group of heroes struggle to save survivors and uncover the truth!

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