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Appearing in "Part 2 of 4"

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Synopsis for "Part 2 of 4"

In the past a beaten Peter Parker lies helpless before the Respawned Fantastic Four who have taken Val and Franklin as Susan mockingly thanks Peter for looking after them. Peter begs Susan not to bite her son, but it is too late.

Peter wakes up from another nightmare as he, Franklin, Val, Chewie and Blade are riding on Nana, traveling on their search for the Galactus Hive. They fly over a fortified city known as the Phalanx Wall. It is reveal that during sometime in the invasion, the S.H.I.E.L.D./A.I.M. coalition resorted to using robots against the Respawned. But since the human population fell to almost nothing, the robots and other artificial intelligences, who began referring themselves as "Ennows" (non-organics), have been fighting for themselves than for the living. Peter curiously ask Blade why he is interested in their journey in which Blade answers that all he cares about is killing the undead and that there is no doubt that going to the Galactus Hive will be more undead to slay.

The group are then suddenly attacked by the Respawned members of Alpha Flight and Nana is shot down, causing the Sentinel and the group to landing right before hordes of Respawned. But fortunately, the group are saved by the robotic inhabitants of the Phalanx Wall which include Doombots, Machine Man, Viv, and a Transmode Virus-infected Frank Castle. The Ennows take the group inside the Phalanx Wall and Nana is taken to be repair while the other robots hold off the Respawned.

While being escorted, Val talks with Viv, wanting to know what happened to her as the last time she saw her heading for an outbreak in Hell's Kitchen with Miles Morales. Viv explains that Miles "did not survive" and that some of her components were damaged and replaced when she joined the Ennows. But her repairs and her nonexistent contact with organic beings have left her personality somewhat indifferent and cold. Viv is also curious about Val's group as she notice Forge, Moonstone, Warlock, and others are absent, in which Val tearfully answer that they are the "same as Miles."

Peter and Blade are quite surprise of what happened to the Punisher, whom he explains that he voluntarily infected himself with the Transmode Virus, as it has been done with some people, as he saw the virus as the only long-term preventive means to protect himself and all organics from turning into the Respawned. Blade is not too keen with Frank's rationale, calling him a moron for giving up his humanity so he doesn't lose his humanity.

The group are taken to a "waiting room" and are shut inside. To their shock, Viv explains that they are going to be expose with the Transmode Virus and turning them into techno-organic beings like Castle to ensure them from turning into the Respawned. But Blade's half-vampire nature makes him non-viable to the techno-organic bonding, which Viv orders to have him housed with the others and not killed. Castle also notice that Franklin is unaware of his "nature" and stating that he would be of great value against the Respawned. Viv orders that all the organics are to be housed together for now, regardless of their viability or strategic value. Val plead with Viv and revealing their group's mission to the Galactus Hive and a chance of finding a cure for the Respawned. But Viv points out that there is no cure for the Respawned as she reveals they are not infected by a disease but rather a sub-microbial parasitic organism sharing a collective consciousness; the Respawned are already dead as the parasite kills the host body upon exposure.

Just as Viv doubts Val's claims, the Phalanx Wall is suddenly broken through by Respawned Hulks. The Ennows are overwhelm by the mutates, prompting Viv to quickly releasing the survivors and together they run for their lives. They soon reunite with Nana, who is repaired and is partly downloaded with a program that allows her structure and circuitry to heal and adapt as organics. They board Nana and flies away, but are still being chased by the Hulk. Viv then demand Peter why he is going after Galactus to which he answer that he want to "believe in something again." Satisfied, Viv gives a parcel to Peter before, to everyone's shock and dismay, dropping herself off of Nana and fights Hulk and giving the group a chance to escape. Peter opens Viv’s parcel and is stunned to find a pair of web-shooters.

Flying over the Atlantic Ocean, Val shows Peter that her Galactus radiation tracker is bringing them more closer to the hive and its location is likely to be in Atlantis.

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The world is overrun with the flesh-eating monsters that used to be the heroes who kept it safe. Spider-Man made a promise to keep people safe, and he’s not going to quit, even in the literal jaws of death…

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