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Quote1.png Hey, Tiger. You wouldn't believe how much I've missed you. Now we can finally be together... forever. Quote2.png
-- Mary Jane Watson

Appearing in "Part 3 of 4"

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Synopsis for "Part 3 of 4"

In the past, the Invisible Woman has bitten into Franklin's neck in front of Spider-Man. Susan explains to Peter that not only is Franklin is going to be a zombie like his parents, he is an exceptionally powerful mutant that makes him more precious to them. Furthermore, Susan is offering Peter to be one of them and especially with a zombified Mary Jane who is most eager to be with him forever. Upon hearing Mary Jane's name, Peter flies into a rage in which he catches the Fantastic Four off-guard and fleeing with Franklin and Val.

In the present, Peter and the survivors are heading to Atlantis. During the invasion, the S.H.I.E.L.D./A.I.M. coalition rehabbed Atlantis as a colony for air-breathers before it lost all contact. They land on a platform and eventually coming into contact with Respawned Atlanteans. The group fights off the Respawned before escaping down the platform's elevator shaft. Peter asks Franklin of how he will plan to cure the infected. Franklin theorize that once they find the source of the infection from the Galactus Hive, and from the data he gathered from Beast, he might be able to "reprogram" the Respawned to take away of their hunger and leave the imprint of the host mind.

The group land at the bottom of the ocean and opens the blast doors to find the Atlantean colony eerily deserted (as confirmed by Nana according to her sensors) and covered with Deadheads graffiti; some of which are the word "Blackspring" that the Respawned Beast had previously said to the group. As the group explore their surroundings, Peter then notice that Franklin is gone. Peter frantically search for him and eventually finds Franklin looking very dejected. Franklin admits to Peter that he is harboring doubts of their mission before asking Peter to tell him what exactly happened to him in New York that caused him to lose his powers and why he isn't aging. Peter could only answer that Franklin was hurt badly and he had made sure to make Franklin is alright. But Peter reassures Franklin that he is "still you."

The group continues to explore the colony until they find a person, a mutant who is alive, chained to a wall. Peter approaches the figure and is shocked to find it is Wolverine, whose body has been badly tortured with his eyes removed from their sockets. After they free Logan from his chains, the former X-Man is barely coherent and weakly warns them that they are in a trap; the Respawned are waiting for them. A Respawned Magik appears from one of her portals and slices Nana in half before taking everyone including Logan through her portal, transporting them to the Blackspring, which is revealed to be the former Limbo. The realm is now occupied by the Galactus Hive and legions of Respawned including the Four, who immediately apprehend Franklin and Val.

Franklin plead to his parents that they have only come to cure them; in which Logan calls out to Franklin that there is no cure for the Respawned, and that his family and everyone they know are gone - they are in reality the Brood. The Respawned Silver Surfer corrects Logan that the Brood are only the forbearers and little more than animals. The Surfer explains how the Respawned came to be: the Brood first found a dead Galactus and they planted their eggs inside the entity in which these eggs became corrupted by Galactus's "Cosmic Hunger," thus giving birth to the Respawned. From there, the Respawned devoured worlds, solar systems, and entire galaxies until they encountered Earth's heroes; the Surfer claims that Magik was the point that the Respawned will truly ascend. With Magik's powers and connection to Limbo, they will invade the Multiverse after they have consumed all of this world's metahumans.

Susan then notice Franklin has not been turned and is flabbergasted of how this is possible, though she promises to find a way to "fix" it. Peter once again begs Susan not to turn her children before being reunited with a respawned Mary Jane, who tells him that now, they can be together forever.

Solicit Synopsis


The world is overrun with the flesh-eating monsters that used to be the heroes who kept it safe. Spider-Man made a promise to keep people safe, and he’s not going to quit, even in the literal jaws of death…

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