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Synopsis for "Part 4 of 4"

In the past, Peter barges into an hideout occupied by Miles Morales, Doctor Strange, Warlock, Forge, Moonstone, Bucky Barnes, Electro, and Viv Vision. Peter begs Strange to save Franklin, but the doctor sadly tells Peter that he cannot heal Franklin from this kind of injury. However, Warlock can save Franklin and he needs Strange's assistance.

In the present, the Respawned Invisible Woman bites into Franklin's neck and is shocked to chew bits of Phalanx circuitry! Franklin is revealed to be a Phalanx. Peter explains to a very stunned Franklin that Warlock constructed a new body for Franklin made from techno-organic matter, and Doctor Strange transferred his consciousness into his new body before his old body died, as it was the only way to save him. This revelation infuriates the Respawned, denying them of their "All-Strong." Before the enraged Invisible Woman could tear Peter apart, Val incinerates her mother with her energy gun while sadly admitting that her mother and everyone she knows are gone for good. A battle ensues as the outnumbered survivors are reinforced by Ennows barfed out from Chewie the Flerken, who previously ate them at the Phalanx Wall. Magik, while being focus on attacking Blade, is decapitated from behind by Wolverine and allowing Franklin to claim her Soulsword.

Meanwhile, the Respawned Mary Jane Watson tries to convince Peter that she is still his wife and begging him not to leave her again. But Val calls out to Peter that he is right about the Respawned being not the people that they once loved, causing him to tearfully abandon the woman that is no longer MJ and joining with the others on Nana as they head directly for the Galactus Hive. Some of the Respawned manages to swarm Nana, forcing the Sentinel to fire her rocket fists with her passengers away before self-detonating and taking the Respawned with her. The rocket fists crashes into Galactus' head, allowing the group entry inside the World Devourer. Val pulls out a Forge-designed gauntlet made from Remy LaBeau's hand, and plans on using the mutant's powers to destroy Galactus. The Respawned Silver Surfer catches up to the group and trying to stop Val, but only to be attacked by Franklin, who then slices the Surfer in half with the Soulsword. Val resume with her plan, causing the Galactus hive to explode and killing the Respawned horde after she and the group are teleported away via the Soulsword.

One month later, the Respawned are all apparently destroyed with the destruction of the Galactus Hive. The survivors along with Viv Vision are living at the reconstructed Xavier Institute. Val and Viv are rebuilding Nana. Blade is teaching Franklin in swordsmanship. Logan is healed up, but is still blind, and shares his plan with Peter that he will try to get the school running again and train a new X-Men as there are still surviving mutants out in the world. Peter has decided that he doesn't need to look after Val and Franklin as they are not kids anymore and can take care of themselves, and he is interested in going back to being a superhero once Nana is rebuilt.

After Franklin finish his training with Blade, he heads up to his room and using the Soulsword to bring out the Silver Surfer's still living head. Franklin kept this secret from the others and he interrogates the Surfer; Franklin had read through Professor Xavier's books concerning on the Brood and has learned that every Brood always has a queen, and the Galactus Hive also has one as well. He demands the Surfer on the whereabouts of the queen in which the former herald explains that the queen is far beyond Franklin's reach and it already knows what he and his "Earth-cattle" friends have done, and the queen will meet Franklin soon enough.

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The world is overrun with the flesh-eating monsters that used to be the heroes who kept it safe. Spider-Man made a promise to keep people safe, and he’s not going to quit, even in the literal jaws of death…


  • This issue has Peter drinking beer, something that Marvel writers are allegedly forbidden to show.[1]

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