Quote1.png Damn... I can't believe we ate the whole thing. Quote2.png
-- Giant Man

Appearing in "Marvel Zombies 2 (Part 1 of 5)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Iron Man Armor Model 2
  • Various cybernetic and alien extremities (First appearance)
  • Wasp's new cybernetic body (First appearance)
  • Wasp's old cybernetic body (Hawkeye's new body)
  • Hunger Virus

Synopsis for "Marvel Zombies 2 (Part 1 of 5)"

40 years after departing Earth, the Zombie Galacti (now only consisting of Giant Man, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Hulk, Wolverine, Phoenix, Iron Man, Firelord, Gladiator, and joined by Thanos), reached the edge of the known universe, and are astonished to find that they've eaten every living creature along the way. Some of them now have cybernetic or alien parts replacing lost limbs and body parts, (Spider-Man's right leg, Luke Cage's left arm, Wolverine's right arm, and Iron Man's lower half). Thanos and Hulk argues over Hulk seeming to "eat twice as much" as the rest of the zombies, and Hulk smashes Thanos' head, killing him for good. Gladiator then tries to eat Thanos' body, but is instantly reminded of the fact that they can't eat each other. With nothing left to eat, they try to think of what to do next, and Iron Man and Giant Man recall Reed's inter-dimensional portal that the Fantastic Four used to escape to another universe.[1] They all then decide to return to Earth and find that device. As they leave, Spider-Man remarks to Luke Cage that his hunger seems to be fading.

In the ruins of New York City, a young boy K'Shamba discovers Hawkeye's zombified head, still alive and apparently cured of his hunger. Clint begs the boy to take him along, and promises that he won't bite. Back in New Wakanda, an aging Black Panther sits at his throne being warned about the threat of Fabian Cortez's son, Malcolm, and his plot to take the throne. K'Shamba brings in Hawkeye's head, and they're all shocked to discover that Wasp wasn't the only one to lose her hunger, and that it fades with time for all zombies.

Well on their way back to Earth, the Zombie Galacti comes upon Ego the Living Planet, and are thrilled to devour him.

Hawkeye is given a Wasp's old cybernetic body, and Reynolds is able to explain to T'Challa that Clint is not there mentally, that half a century sitting under rubble alone has left him mentally scarred. Cortez rallies the Acolytes, while an assassin attacks T'Challa in his asleep. Luckily, Wasp is able to fend off the assassin, but not before T'Challa's stomach is sliced open. With no other option left, Wasp bites him, infecting him and saving his life. Overcome with hunger, she then turns to his wife, Lisa Hendricks, but T'Challa is able to stop her, allowing her to eat the assassin instead. While their hunger is satisfied, they decide to enter confinement until it wears off again. Wasp is certain this would be the last of their troubles, remarking, "What else could happen?"

As the pack of zombie galacti draw ever closer to Earth, Spider-Man asks "Are we there yet?" To which Giant Man replies "Shut up!"


  • This comic reveals there is tension between Spider-Man and Giant-Man. Due to Iron Man and Luke Cage's conflict in Black Panther (Vol. 4) #28 to 30, this shows that there is no conflict between Wolverine and Hulk.
  • Hawkeye's brain damage becomes a running gag in the series because he says very random things. He even asks Giant-Man to be his friend while fighting him.

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