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Quote1.png I claim everything under this force field for myself. I'm going to eat until I burst! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Marvel Zombies 2 (Part 3 of 5)"

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Synopsis for "Marvel Zombies 2 (Part 3 of 5)"

Gladiator attacks Spider-Man and T'Challa, while Spider-Man tries to reason with him, to no avail. T'Challa leaps at Gladiator, but is punched through his chest. Outside the force field, Giant Man lost a foot while trying to leave the force field. Spider-Man and Wasp try to tell Gladiator about the hunger fading, but Gladiator tears Spider-Man nearly in half, then defeating Luke Cage and Wasp. Forge, in Iron Man's old armor, crushes Gladiator, but Gladiator survives and tries to kill Forge. Spider-Man and Luke Cage blast Gladiator's head apart with an energy burst. Iron Man is surprised by Forge being able to get to his first suit, and is even surprised that Forge is even alive, and Forge explains that Stark International is "not locked anymore." The remaining zombies outside of the field depart to find the inter-dimensional transporter the Fantastic Four used.

The zombies reach the remains of the Baxter Building, but are attacked by Reed's security drones. Giant Man wonders who remained to turn them on. On Asteroid M, Reynolds and Forge repair Wasp's body, sew up Spider-Man, give Luke Cage a new cybernetic lower half, and restrain Bruce Banner. There, Reynolds and Wasp begin to have a relationship, which eventually culminates in Wasp kissing Reynolds on the lips. Spider-Man then tells Forge that the zombies went to find Reed's dimensional portal, and Forge reveals he moved it to Asteroid M, but it doesn't work.

The zombies search the entire Baxter Building, and Iron Man figures out that Forge took the portal, just like he had taken the Mark I suit. Spider-Man warns Forge that he shouldn't have brought the portal to Asteroid M since the zombies will come looking for it. T'Challa realizes they don't have the strength or numbers needed to fight off the zombies yet again. Reynolds believes they might have a secret advantage, and shows them an experiment he conducted with Forge. He had found part of a brain that was still functioning, and inserted it into T'Challa's son's body.


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