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Synopsis for "Marvel Zombies 2 (Part 4 of 5)"

T'Challa attempted to attack Reynolds for using his son's body without his permission, but T'Channa/Colonel America intervened, flinging his shield into T'Challa's head. T'Channa put on Colonel America's cowl and tried to fight T'Challa, Spider-Man, and Luke Cage before being reminded of his relationship to T'Challa. T'Challa punched Forge for assisting Reynolds. After Forge recuperated, they decided to form a plan.

The other zombies made it back to New Wakanda, forming a deal with T'Challa: they wouldn't eat the other humans in exchange for the dimensional portal. Both sides agree and Reynolds dropped the force field. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Wasp, and T'Challa then attacked the others before they can cross and then reactivated the field, trapping them all outside. Giant Man then pointed out that their plan didn't fully work, and Iron Man was inside the force field. Iron Man was happy to be the only Zombie inside the field, and told Giant Man that he wouldn't eat TOO much before shutting down the field. The others resumed their battle, with Phoenix burning off a few parts of Spider-Man's suit.

Inside, Iron Man was flying around the building searching for food, only to be confronted by T'Channa/Colonel America, Forge (in the Mk I suit) and the Acolytes. While on the outside, Spider-Man and Luke Cage struggled against the Phoenix, and T'Challa was brutally smashed by Giant Man, leaving only his left arm, left shoulder, and his head intact. Wasp tried to get revenge for that, but Giant Man smashes the upper half of her body, remarking that while he missed her in space, he eventually got used to the idea of being without her.

In Reynolds' lab, Bruce Banner awakened, attacking Reynolds while telling him he hated eating him, but only had a few seconds before the Hulk took over. Reynolds complied with Banner, thinking his love, Wasp, was gone forever. He warned Banner to be careful of the nearby switch, but Bruce pushed Reynolds back into the switch and deactivates the field. The zombies made a break for the building, while Bruce lamented on what he has accidentally done. Giant Man and the others found the survivors' stronghold, and prepared to eat T'Challa's wife, but just as she gets up to Giant Man's lips, he stops. Wolverine asked what was wrong, and Giant Man claims that his hunger is gone.

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