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Quote1.png So, I can eviscerate all the fleshy ones I want, with zero consequences...and on top of that, they'll pay me for it? This isn't a zombie universe...this is Robot Heaven! Quote2.png
Machine Man (Aaron Stack)

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Synopsis for 1st story

Machine Man, Jocasta, and Director Little Sky arrive in Earth-2149, after which Little Sky departs. They go searching for the blood sample Morbius needs to create the vaccine. Machine Man reveals that he no longer cares for mankind, which he discusses with Jocasta. Suddenly, zombie Vulture, Falcon, Angel, and Beak attack Machine man and Jocasta from the sky. Beak grabs Machine Man only to have his head blasted off, then Falcon rips off Jocasta's leg which promptly explodes, leaving him a shredded mess. Machine Man then throws a big buzz saw right through Angel while Jocasta disembowels him, but he manages to escape her clutches and attempt to flee. Machine Man shoots a rocket at him, killing him for good.

Meanwhile, zombie Diablo and Scorpion bring cans of food to Leader, who in turn gives them to zombie Kingpin and his still-human wife Vanessa Fisk.

Machine Man and Jocasta then infiltrate King Pin's heavily guarded compound. They see a group of Zombies led by zombie Black Bolt exit a portal and begin talking to Kingpin and Jackal. As the two heroes eavesdrop, they hear someone mention a zombie agent in Earth-616 and something about "spreading the gospel". They also discover that Jackal has made human clones for the zombies to feast on. The two are then spotted by Vanessa who mistakenly assumes they work for her husband. When they explain that they are travelers she remarks "Oh, like the man on the flying surfboard."

Vanessa explains that years ago the zombified heroes ate The Silver Surfer and realized they somehow gained some of his powers. They then left Earth to find more living beings to consume. It was at this time that Kingpin was infected by the first wave of the zombie attack, but he managed to control his hunger over his wife, protect her from harm and establish his empire in ruined New York City. After, Vanessa agrees to give the two androids some of her blood.

They are about to leave the dimension until they witness some human clones being eaten. Machine Man then realizes that they are being treated like the robots from the government facility he was created in. He decides to stay and save the clones while Jocasta goes back with the blood sample.


  • This issue's cover is based on the poster for the film 28 Days Later.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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