Quote1 That's what I love about you hairless apes... You never let facts get in the way of a good story. Quote2
-- Howard the Duck

Appearing in "A Plague of One"Edit

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  • A copy of Marvel Team-Up #151 (Only appearance)[1]

Solicit SynopsisEdit

This is it, the nail- (and finger-) biting conclusion! Machine Man and friends are poised to collect the last zombie sample they need to create a cure for the plague of the flesh-eaters, but first that requires entering the most horrifying universe of all... ours! And with ARMOR agents hot on their heels to stop their illegal mission, have our intrepid zombie-hunters bagged their last brain-muncher?

  • The prologue features a quote by Bill Schelly from The Golden Age of Comic Fandom: "In an earlier contact with DC, a youthful (Roy) Thomas had been informed that trading and selling old comics could not be officially sanctioned by the company, for it might spread disease."

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