Quote1.png WHAT?! Did you hear a word I said?! Lemme repeat the three biggies: Zombie. NAZI. INVASION! Quote2.png
-- Howard the Duck

Appearing in "Zombie Invaders!"

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Synopsis for "Zombie Invaders!"

Dum Dum Dugan dreams of being surrounded by dead soldiers on a battlefield during World War II. He wakes up and finds Howard the Duck in his apartment, who convinces him to listen to what he has to say with an invitation from the President.

At A.R.M.O.R. headquarters, Howard shows him slides of a universe where the Nazis won World War II by becoming zombies. Now that they have taken over the entire planet they want their reign to reach into other dimensions and are near completion on a cross-dimensional battleship. Howard wants Dugan to join him on a mission to stop them, but Dugan is unsure. Regardless, shortly after reuniting with his friend Battlestar, he agrees to help.

Howard takes him to meet the rest of the Ducky Dozen, a team consisting of Red Raven, Blazing Skull, Dynaman, Eternal Brain, a lion-person named Gur, Dragoon, the robot Flexo, Breeze Barton, and a female Taxi Taylor. As they prep for battle, Red Raven mocks the idea of woman in combat, which irritates Taxi Taylor and evokes a strong reaction from Breeze Barton and Gur. However, Taxi puts him in his place by hitting him over the head with a gun.

The team enters their trans-dimensional ship, flown by Taxi. They soon arrive at Earth-12591, where they are immediately shot at by cannons that fire zombies, one of which bites Gur, and though the zombies are quickly defeated, Howard is forced to push the zombified Gur out of the ship. Then, Howard orders Dynaman and Breeze Barton to leave the ship and kill the zombies that are being fired at them. Meanwhile, Dugan inadvertantly destroys the ship while firing heavy artillary inside of it, bringing the ship down.

As they regroup on the ground, Breeze Barton joins them, but he is soon ripped in half by zombie Namor, who is also with Bucky Barnes and the rest of the zombified Invaders.

Solicit Synopsis

At long last! The BEST-SELLING Marvel Zombies franchise returns! A.R.M.O.R. is called upon to rescue a reality where the Nazis won WWII. with ZOMBIES! Howard the Duck brings in Nazi-fighter extraordinaire DUM DUM DUGAN and a squadron of fighters known as Ducky's Dozen! SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS! NAZI ZOMBIES!

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