Quote1.png Captain America would not yield. Not Ever. He fought until he had no quarter left to give. And no life for them to steal. Yes, I picked up the standard. Because This means something. This is worth fighting for. Quote2.png
-- Miss America

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Synopsis for "Dead Dead Dugan"

In the midst of a fierce battle with the zombie Invaders, Dugan complains to Howard that he was not told about them and wants to know what else he has kept from him and why the President wanted him specifically.

At the same time, Whizzer is running at them, but is torn in half by Dynaman before any harm can come to either of them. Dynaman's next target is Union Jack, who is killed just as easily, followed by Aarkus, but Namor proves to be more of a challenge as the two of them take their fight to the sky.

Meanwhile, the explosion caused by Taxi Taylor as she blows up Spitfire with a grenade makes it hard for her to see Golden Girl coming at her. But Red Raven comes to her rescue at the cost of his own life and becomes a zombie, much to Taxi's sorrow.

As the rest of the team climbs to the top of the cliff, Namor throws Dynaman into the mouth of a zombie squid. To make matters worse, what remains of the Invaders comes after them. Luckily, an all-female team called the Suffragists, led by Miss America wielding Captain America's shield, comes to their rescue and finishes off the rest of the Invaders, aside from Bucky, who seems to have escaped.

With the enemy defeated, Miss America introduces Howard and the team to the Suffragists. Libertas is a black woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty, Columbia is a sword-wielding gladiator, and Riveter is based on Rosie the Riveter and wears a welding mask and a toolbelt. The two teams journey up the cliff, during which Dugan asks Miss America how she got Cap's shield. Miss America tells him that Cap died in battle and she took it afterwards, feeling that what he stood for was worth fighting for.

They arrive at the Suffragist's headquarters, an abandoned lab that was once used by the Nazis. There, Miss America introduces them to a Nazi scientist named Zephyr Zog, the Ducky Dozen's inside source, who tells them the story of how the Nazis became zombies. As they were about to lose the war, the Nazis attempted to reach Asgard to strike a deal with the Norse gods. Baron von Strucker led an expedition to Tibet, where they instead found a Tibetan lama who gave them the Death Spore Flower. When Hitler ate it, he became a zombie and the outbreak began.

Howard and Battlestar tell them that Zog is going to transport them to the enemy's base in the Bavarian Alps where they will destroy their trans-dimensional battleship, Valhalla's Hammer, and stop the zombie threat. Dugan wonders why their ship is at such a high elevation and how they were able to take over the world since there should have been weapons that could stop them. Battlestar is surprised that Howard didn't tell him so Howard tells Dugan that the Nazis found the gods.

Suddenly, an explosion occurs. From the window, Libertas takes a rope and flies to the top of the cliff with it, allowing the rest of them to climb up it. Dugan is the last one out when another explosion occurs. Howard catches him in midair and holds him dangling upside down where he sees the enemy entering the lab. It's Bucky led by the zombified Dum Dum Dugan.

Solicit Synopsis

At long last! The BEST-SELLING Marvel Zombies franchise returns! A.R.M.O.R. is called upon to rescue a reality where the Nazis won WWII. with ZOMBIES! Howard the Duck brings in Nazi-fighter extraordinaire DUM DUM DUGAN and a squadron of fighters known as Ducky's Dozen! SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS! NAZI ZOMBIES!

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