Quote1.png I have lived a prisoner in a bowl, but I shall die as an Eternal, at the size I once was. For I am the most interesting brain in the world. Stay hungry, my friends. Quote2.png
-- Eternal Brain

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Synopsis for "Ragna-Rocket"

After Dugan meets up with the rest of the Ducky Dozen, Loki reappears and tells them that the two giant goats are Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjoster, which, according to Norse mythology, are the goats that pull Thor's chariot and can be eaten when he is hungry and come back to life if their bones are laid on their skin. Loki goes on to explain that they returned as zombies when Thor ate them and later devoured zombie Odin since they are technically goats.

Suddenly, the Nazis and Asgardians appear and attack them. In the middle of the battle, Loki telaports Dugan and Miss America to their weapons holding facility, leaving Blazing Skull, Flexo, and Libertas, to be devoured by the goats. Loki admits to them that he lied about being able to cure the zombies with the Death Spore Flower, but an atomic bomb called Fat Man, which is mounted onto a rocket, will be able to destory their headquarters.

As they head to it, Thor appears and battles Loki. While Miss America and Dugan venture further, the zombie Dum Dum Dugan and several Nazis attack. Miss America leaves them to him, but he hits a case of highly explosive gas, resulting in an explosion. Shortly after, Miss America finds the bomb and reprograms it to hit the zombies' base. Bucky comes to stop her, but she smashes his head against the control panel. With no way to stop the rocket, Bucky climbs up to the bomb to reprogam it manually, but Miss America bites his arm off, sending him to the ground.

Dugan emerges from the explosion, but Loki is finally defeated by Thor. While Thor and zombie Dugan eat him, Loki uses his magic to send Dugan back to the others. Unfortunately, they are surrounded by the Nazis and Asgardians with no way of getting to the exit. Eternal Brain destroys the bowl protecting his brain, swelling it to a massive size, serving as a distraction and giving the Ducky Dozen a chance to escape while he is being devoured.

Escaping through the exit, they find a commercial-sized refrigerator containing the remains of Captain America. Once inside, Taxi converts it into a vehicle that sends them back to their reality just as the bomb goes off, killing all of the zombies.

In A.R.M.O.R. headquarters, Taxi welcomes Riveter to their reality, promising her a new life without zombies. However, what remains of Captain America opens his eyes.

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• The remains of the Ducky Dozen in their final conflict with the zombie Reich. Who will live, who will die, who will… UNdie? THE CANNOT BE MISSED ZOMBIE BOOK!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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