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Appearing in "The Legend Lives Again. But So Do The Undead."

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Look out! The zombies are attacking Stark Industries! Can Tony Stark defeat the demon in the bottle and fight the monsters in the hallways? And how can James Rhodes protect his boss from an unstoppable wave of the flesh-eating undead? Featuring the Marvel Comics debut of Monster Island zombie novelist David Wellington!


  • Of the entire miniseries, this issue is the one that shows the most divergences from Earth-616 (that weren't caused by zombies):
    • Earth-91126's Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan continue to work for Tony Stark, while on Earth-616 both left Tony[2] prior to Tony's alcoholism problems[3] and James Rhodes finally taking Tony's job offer[4][5].
    • There's no sign of Earth-91126 counterparts to Bethany Cabe or Mrs. Arbogast, but it's possible that since Pepper is still at Stark International, they never played an important role in Stark's life as their Earth-616 counterparts did.
    • The Iron Man armor used is the Model 4 which Tony (and later Rhodes) did wear during the time when Stark was battling alcoholism. Yet in Marvel Zombies Return #2, Happy Hogan tells Tony that the Chinese were going to get a controlling interest in Stark International and all patents. In the Earth-616 stories where Stark was losing control of his company while battling his alcoholism, it was either S.H.I.E.L.D.[6][3] or Obadiah Stane that was trying to take control of Stark International, and neither S.H.I.E.L.D. nor Stane would have allowed the Chinese to take a large control since it would have interfered with their plans.
    • When Earth-616's Rhodes first became Iron Man, he had an initial struggle with using the armor and needed to rely on Morley Erwin for help with its technology.[7] Earth-91126's Rhodes, on the other hand, appears more adept at using the armor, indicating that either he had prior knowledge of it in an unseen adventure, and/or may be more knowledgeable about tech than his Earth-616 counterpart (which could also explain his upgraded armors shown in the rest of Marvel Zombies Return without Tony Stark's involvement).
    • Rhodes has prior knowledge of Tony being Iron Man before the zombie attack, while his Earth-616 counterpart only learned of Tony's secret during the time Obadiah Stane was trying to takeover Stark International and Magma attacked.[8]. As mentioned above, this story establishes that Stane has nothing to do with the problems (Happy's comment to Stark mentioned above, plus the fact Stane isn't mentioned at all in this story), which is another example of how Tony Stark's history (along with that of his associates and foes) may have gone in a drastically different direction before the zombies arrived.

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