Quote1.png I came from a world of hurt, bub. The downer is that I never got to play it all out my way. Too many chefs in the kitchen. That's all changed. Here... in your world... I'm not only the best there is at what I do... I'm the only one who can do what I do. Quote2.png
-- Zombie Wolverine (James Howlett of Earth-2149)

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Snikt goes splat! When the walking dead reach the Land of the Rising Son, can Kitty Pryde and Wolverine escape the putrid plague? And when an underground fight club brings Iron Fist, the Sons of the Tiger, Shang-Chi and Elektra into the martial arts mix, who will emerge as the best there is at what they do? Featuring the writing talents of Patient Zero zombie novelist Jonathan Maberry!


  • In this issue, Wolverine finally executes the running gag that his middle claw usually slips off when a questioned thug doesn't cooperate.

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