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Synopsis for "Chapter 2: Making Sense of the World"

Diagnosed with lung cancer, Phil Sheldon goes against his doctor's advice by deciding to postpone the chemotherapy treatment. Phil goes to see his publishing agent, Bennet Schwed, to talk about a possible sequel to Marvels. Phil rejects the idea to make a book about super villains, saying people are scared enough already, but says he will think about it.

Phil retires from his job as a freelance photographer and considers moving to Florida. He visits a bar and hears rumors about werewolf, zombie, and vampire incidents from around the world. Fed up with these rumors, Phil steps outside to take a smoke. He becomes frustrated when he realizes his "legacy" is actually to publish a book about "sideshow freaks" for people to gawk at.

While Phil watches a news report about a giant rabbit in central park, his wife, Doris, urges him to start the treatments for his cancer. Phil shrugs her off and says he has to work on his book at the moment. Instead, he goes down and looks at pictures of their "stray" mutant, Maggie, who ran away during a Sentinel attack.

After dealing with madmen attacks on the national economy and a demon invasion, it comes to Phil almost as a relief to attend a party celebration for Peter Parker getting nominated for photographer of the year. However, Phil believes that Parker is in league with Jonah in demeaning Spider-Man, and abandons the party.

On the city streets, a group of thugs try to attack Phil, but Spider-Man arrives on the scene to take care of them. Phil realizes that even though his life was threatened, he still had the instincts of a photographer. He decides that he can not leave the job of showing the world the "truth" to the Parkers of the world. Phil goes home and tells Doris they can make arrangements for his chemotherapy. Phil looks through some of his old photos and resigns to show people that they need not be afraid of the Marvels.

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