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Synopsis for "Chapter 4: Deep Wounds"

Phil Sheldon gets a call from Bennet Schwed concerning a sequel to Marvels. Phil tells his publisher he is not so sure about working on the book at this time, but says he will try. Phil reflects on all the current events in the superhero world, including Spider-Man just watching the Punisher let the Hitman die and the Hulk ripping apart the city. With no signs of improvement in the superhero world, Phil starts to regret writing Marvels, which glorified these heroes.

Phil receives word that Ben Urich has been injured on the job by Elektra. After hearing about Wasp and Giant Man's divorce, Phil starts wonders about the origin of this tawdry celebrity scandal, he sees on the news concerning Henry Pym's arrest for stealing restricted government materials.

While having Phil has a drink with his now recovered friend, Ben Urich at The Masthead, they watch news reporter Tom Snyde interview the notorious criminal Bullseye. Not too soon after the interview starts, Bullseye takes the reporter hostage and breaks out of prison. Phil watches as Bullseye goes on a murderous rampage, killing Elektra in the process. After Daredevil cripples Bullseye, Phil starts noticing that the super villains are starting to seem more heroic than the heroes. After Pym gets exonerated, Phil becomes concerned over the Punisher's recent insane crusade against crime.

Doctor Geoffries tells Phil that his lung cancer treatment is improving, but not as fast as would have hoped. He advises Phil to maintain activity for his mind and body to help the treatment. Phil replies that he is retired, but Doris urges him to continue writing his sequel to Marvels. Suddenly, a giant metal structure appears and abducts most of the Avengers and other powered individuals. Life on Earth seems to progress as it normally did, despite their absence, and Phil wonders if they needed the Marvels in the first place.

After the heroes return, Phil thinks about going to the shore for the next summer. However, the individual who stole the heroes during the Secret Wars returns and destroys the Rocky Mountains. Phil watches the events on the news and Tracy Burke asks if he could help her cover the events for her magazine. Doris encourages Phil to go, but Phil still does not want to. However, Phil soon finds himself flying on a helicopter hovering over the Rocky Mountains, taking pictures of the heroes on the ground.

Phil's helicopter lands to refuel in Leadville, Colorado. When he decides to get some shots of the magma, he hears some soldiers saying that they can not trust the Sub-Mariner and the Silver Surfer. However, they all watch in awe as the Molecule Man and Silver Surfer rebuild the mountains. The pictures Phil takes help to boost sales for Tracy's magazine, and Phil gains immediate popularity.

Doctor Geoffries tells Phil that his health has been improving. Phil decides to work on that sequel to Marvels with the help of his daughters. He says he wants to incorporate the idea that there are shadows among some of the heroes and light among some of the villains into his book. Phil finally decides to give up smoking. However, upon further examination of Phil's X-rays, Doctor Geoffries notes that although they have dealt with the primary tumor, the cancer has spread throughout his body.


  • Life is shown as carrying on as normal during the Secret Wars. This is contradicted by Code of Honor #3 which has B-list villains going on a crime spree in the heroes' absence.

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