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Quote1.png This day would be remembered for many reasons. It would be the first time any human saw Namor and lived to tell about it. The first time we knew for sure a new age was upon age of superhumans.But most of New York would remember this as the day the Human Torch stopped being thought of as a menace...a monster on the loose...and became one of our greatest heroes. Quote2.png

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  • Several Nazi and Allied Planes


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The centerpiece of Marvel's 70th anniversary celebration turns a deadly corner, as Nazi spies infiltrate the secret US government's Super-Soldier Experiment... and while the Torch learns what it means to be both human and a hero, Prince Namor arrives in New York looking for nothing more than vengeance! Things really heat up this issue as award-winning creators Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting bring you the definitive in-continuity origin of Marvel.

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