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Synopsis for "The Origin of the Human Torch"

The Human Torch was created by the great scientist Phineas T. Horton, but Horton only intended to create a normal android, the flaming skin was an accident. After an exhibition, the public becomes fearful of the flaming man as a possible menace. Because of this, and the fact that the android can not control his flames, he has to be encased in a metal coffin and dropped into concrete where oxygen for fire can not reach him.

Under the concrete, Horton has found a way to teach the Human Torch about the world. During his confinement the android learns the importance of "life" and "freedom". Eventually, in 1939, a crack in the concrete allows oxygen to reach the Torch's body, causing him to ignite. He blasts his way out of the prison, eventually learning to control his powers.


  • Tells the story of the original Human Torch's origin, through his own eyes.

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