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Quote1.png Manhattan seemed like the whole world to us sometimes. But it was an island--and the Marvels among us didn't exactly hide. Quote2.png
Phil Sheldon

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Synopsis for "A Time of Marvels"

In the year 1939, reporter Phil Sheldon speaks with his coworkers about moving to Europe to create a career covering the war. Phil later attends a science exhibition where he witnesses the unveiling of the Human Torch. Soon after, the Human Torch makes a reappearance on the streets of New York City. Phil and other spectators witness the man on fire but the others try to shrug off the incident as a trick. A while after the incident Phil's fiancé, Doris Jacquet tells him that she saw an "eerie looking naked man" confront the police. She says he was impervious to the police's bullets, the naked man threw a police car at the police before swimming away. Supernormal activities continued to occur in New York City. During one occurrence, Phil finds himself in a cafe listening to a friend complain about the Human Torch. However, the Human Torch was siting at the bar next to them overhearing everything, he reveals himself and walks out of the restaurant, a burned hole in the glass widow smoking in his wake.

Phil adopts the name "Marvels" to describe these superhuman beings. In the late 1940's, Phil and the people of New York witness Namor and the Human Torch fighting one another. Phil's reporter buddies cheer on the Human Torch, but policewoman Betty Dean defends Namor's actions by saying he's only trying to get justice for his people. Phil and his reporters get the press credentials to follow Namor and the Torch to Torpey Chemical Works, where they find the two Marvels who appear to have sorted out their differences. The next day, Phil talks with Doris about postponing their wedding until the city becomes safer. Doris saddened by this gives back Phil's engagement ring and walks away.

A year later, the streets of New York are buzzing about the super-soldier Captain America. In a movie theater, Phil finds that Doris is apparently on a date with Bill Lumpkin. The newsreel that the moviegoers watch shows the Sub-Mariner and Human Torch working together in the war effort. Soon after that Phil realizes the error of his ways and he and Doris start dating again. Later after Doris and Phil have been dating for a bit the two get word that Namor is attacking both the British and Italian forces in Spain.

Not long after sirens warn the city that the Sub-Mariner is attacking. While the rest of the residents flee to shelters Phil and Iggy run out into the chaos to report the situation. While running up to the roof Iggy suggest the two remain on a higher floor with barred windows but Phil tells his reporter buddy that he is through with hiding and goes up to the roof. Phil witnesses a massive tidal wave engulf the city while Namor and the Torch fight in the air. During their fight a chunk of debris from the building hits Phil in the face and knocks him out. Phil wakes up in the hospital with a bandage over his left eye which was damaged beyond repair. Now wearing an eye patch, Phil marries Doris and travels to Europe as a war correspondent. There, Phil witnesses a team of Marvels led by Captain America as they invade a Nazi battlement.

Solicit Synopsis

News Photographer Phil Sheldon, takes on the task of reporting a story about New York City’s very own super heroes. A book giving a glimpse at modern day legends! Follow The Avengers from a new perspective, and experience shot-by-shot a tale that may just end up to be more for than the cameraman bargained for.

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  1. Although likely originally intended to be Willie Lumpkin the future mail-man for the Fantastic Four, Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #6 states that this is actually Willie Lumpkin's grandfather Bill. This was likely done to avoid conflicts with the Sliding Timescale
  2. From the Marvels TPB, ISBN 9780785100492.
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