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Synopsis for "Monsters"

Set in the mid 1960s era, Phil Sheldon, now a husband and a father, grows worried about the arrival of new kind of super-humans, mutants such as the X-Men, human beings born with superpowers.

Simultaneously in New York City, several groups of all sorts of superhero teams, including the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, have populated the city. Sheldon's jobs at the Daily Globe takes him to many key battles in the city, including the Avengers against the Masters of Evil. Sheldon plans to use all the pictures he has taken in his new book about the superheroes.

While Sheldon tries to think of a way to start his book, he becomes swept up in an anti-mutant paranoia that is invading New York. He has a run-in with the first incarnation of the group known as the X-Men in which he throws a brick at Iceman and calls them names alongside a crowd of angry New Yorkers. Sheldon then attends a gala opening of Alicia Masters' sculptures. Figures like Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Thing, the Human Torch, Tony Stark, Matt Murdock, Doctor Strange, Donald Blake, Professor Xavier, Scott Summers and Jean Grey attend the event, showing the celebrity status attached to being a superhero.

The first few of the list of attendants, are swamped by reporters who look to write gossip columns about them, in particular Reed Richards and Sue Storm, who have recently become engaged to be married. The brightness of this happy event is contrasted with what Sheldon thinks is the dark side of the superheroes, the mutants. Things continue with their natural course until Sheldon returns to his home in the suburbs only to find that his neighbors have formed a mob to hunt down a mutant that was supposedly in the area. Sheldon runs to his house and finds that his daughters have been hiding a little mutant girl with a head like an alien skull. He quickly realizes the importance of the little girl, and imagines his neighbors and friends tearing his house and family apart to get the girl, so he decides to help her. This makes Sheldon worry for the safety of his family as anti-mutant tensions grows among the New Yorkers.

Reed Richards' and Sue Storm's wedding is one of the most important events in year. Celebrities like the Beatles attend the event. Unfortunately that same night, Dr. Bolivar Trask unveils his final solution to the mutant problem during a televised debate with Charles Xavier: Sentinels, giant robots programmed to hunt down and kill mutants. When the Sentinels rebel against their master, a rampage in the city begins. Raging mobs roam the streets, seeking to kill mutants.

While the city explodes in violence, Sheldon takes out his camera to record the event and let people see what their hatred brings them. When the Sentinels pass over the violent mobs, the scanning lights serves to make people aware of their actions and they disperse. Sheldon returns home and finds that the young mutant girl has left on her own again. His daughter, Jenny, approaches him late in the night for comfort as to the safety of the young girl. He hugs Jenny and says he does not know if she is all right but that he hopes she will be.

Solicit Synopsis

News Photographer Phil Sheldon, takes on the task of reporting a story about New York City’s very own super heroes. A book giving a glimpse at modern day legends! Follow The Avengers from a new perspective, and experience shot-by-shot a tale that may just end up to be more for than the cameraman bargained for.


  • Gavin and Jay, the characters for whom Barney Bushkin calls, are named after Jay Gavin.

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